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Maintaining your wood floors (the right way)

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The (interior) design gods have truly blessed us with the wonder of wood. From solid and engineered to reclaimed timber, there exists a world of wonder when it comes to furnishings, accessories, and entire structures made from wood. 

However, today we only want to focus on the floor kind, specifically what to do when it comes to maintaining that rich, superb vibe wood floors are known for flaunting.  

1. How to care for your wood floors: Vacuum them

Stepping on a piece of debris on your wood floor is like sandpapering it – it can definitely scratch or ruin your precious floor. The secret? Simply sweeping or vacuuming your wood floors at least once a day (depending on your lifestyle, such as how many kids and pets you have). 

If possible, vacuum with the hard-floor setting, which turns off the brush roll to protect the surfaces from scratches. 

2. How to care for your wood floors: Use the correct cleaning products

Abiding by product recommendations of your flooring- or finish manufacturer is the best advice we can give. But it’s not the only.

There are certainly some products you need to avoid for your wood floor, such as any kind consisting of harsh chemicals. Applying chemicals to a wood floor’s finish can create hazing, which can definitely build up over a few months. 

Also, you want to stay away from anything promising to polish or shine or re-energise your wood floor. What it actually means is that you’ll be using a supplemental product that’s only intended to make the surface look good temporarily. 

3. How to care for your wood floors: Don’t get them (too) wet

After selecting the right cleaning product (which will depend on your floor’s type of wood), try it out with a damp (not wet) mop. Too much water can lead to swelling (even rotting) wood. 

And don’t use any steam, either. Although it cleans well, vapour can enter small nooks and crannies in your floor and eventually cause damage from the inside. 

4. How to care for your wood floors: Look out for warning signs

Chepstow Planed Grey Oak Modern walls & floors by Woodpecker Flooring Modern Engineered Wood Transparent
Woodpecker Flooring

Chepstow Planed Grey Oak

Woodpecker Flooring

Even the weather affects your wood floor. It’s a natural product, so it will certainly inform you if it’s not happy with the way it’s being treated. 

Too much moisture on, around, or under the wood? It’ll build up eventually, which means eliminating the source of the water as soon as possible. 

Too dry conditions? Expect gapping, cracking, and even some splitting. Try a humidifier before you need to rip up your entire floor. A touch of moisture in this instance can be a very good thing. 

5. How to care for your wood floors: Careful with scratches

FSC Handfinished engineered Oak planks: rustic  by, Rustic

FSC Handfinished engineered Oak planks

Part of owning a wood floor is scratching it, but not on purpose, obviously. Just don’t ignore the problem. And should a not-too-serious scratch occur, we recommend grabbing a stain marker from a wood furniture touch-up kit. 

6. How to care for your wood floors: Know when to recoat

If your wood floor is starting to look a little worn down, recoating is a must. This doesn’t involve sanding, but actually the application of another finishing coat to breathe some new life and colour into the wood. Doing this whenever needed can definitely prolong the life and beauty of your wood floors. 

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