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The professionals of homify: A4AC Architects in Johannesburg

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A4AC Architects
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The professionals of A4AC Architects may pride themselves on being young, yet they are also quick to point out their experience and expertise. And let’s not forget that youth does have its advantages, like increased energy and speed.

But the Johannesburg-based team of A4AC Architects don’t just rely on their vigour and fast-paced focus for their daily operations. In addition, they all share a vibrant passion for architecture and innovative solutions in the construction industry. That much is evidenced by the company’s growing portfolio, as well as its area of specialty: alternative construction methods like container construction (the future of architecture, perhaps?) and light-weight steel framing.

In the team’s own words: “As young designers, we think outside the box. We challenge ideas and push the boundaries of conventional ideas in order to develop fresh, unique designs and new ideas”.

1. A4AC Architects: The background

A4AC Architects, which was founded back in 2013, is the result of the successful business relationship between Dirk Coetser and John Saaiman. A4AC Architects is not an NPO/NGO, but it is a company with a social conscience and a passion for the environment. This, along with the company’s experience in design and build (turn-key), plus individual team members’ different backgrounds and talents, successfully sets the firm apart from competitors. 

2. A4AC Architects: The services

North Elevation A4AC Architects Detached home Stone Multicolored
A4AC Architects

North Elevation

A4AC Architects

Architectural design: With its unique hands-on approach to architecture, the company is able to provide architectural/design services for both new-builds, as well as alteration and additions. 

Containers: Clients can make use of both a design- and build services when it comes to container buildings. A variety of constructions (including banks, schools, coffee shops, etc.) have been successfully constructed via shipping containers, enhanced by the fact that the company also provides a full service solution from council approval to construction.  

Clients can also request professionally built models and 3D renderings of projects for additional information / inspiration.  

3. A4AC Architects: Where are they?

This architectural company has its headquarters located in a factory (in Johannesburg) with its own workshop where brainstorming is a regular occurrence. 

With its unique business model, A4AC Architects commits no less than 50% of its company resources to the manufacturing and building of prototypes. This also allows them to do an adequate quality assurance check while developing conceptual designs for clients. 

4. A4AC Architects: Container creators

Enhancing their passion for the environment is A4AC Architects’ commitment to top-notch container construction and -refurbishment – arguably one of the most exciting leaps in architectural evolution. This also highlights the fact that these professionals think and operate unlike their competitors. 

In addition to finalising the design work, A4AC Architects can also get the relevant approval for the client’s container project before kick-starting the actual construction on that residential container home. Or container extension. Or school. Or clinic. Or coffee shop. Or hospital…  

5. A4AC Architects: Thinking beyond Covid-19

With the Covid-19 crisis, there is officially an old world and a new world. And only those willing to adapt will survive the new normal.

That brings us to architecture. It is suggested that, depending on the built environment, current and future pandemics could spread much easier. But the opposite is also true, meaning that with the right mindset, approach and designs, future pandemics stand less of a fighting chance. 

How does this translate into the architecture of tomorrow? Especially with urban environments designed to attract people and their business? A4AC Architects ponders the same question and even transforms it into an opportunity for other architects, urban designers and interior designers…  

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