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What can’t go sideways must go up. Actually that’s not really true, but it’s our way of emphasising one of the wonderful ways in which a loft conversion can save the day with some extra space. 

But of course loft rooms are about so much more than keeping the clutter at bay. Numerous loft rooms are constructed with the exact purpose of becoming a functioning room, such as a new bedroom, bathroom, or even a study or home gym. 

But what are the interior-design rules when it comes to decorating a loft space? Let’s find out…  

1. Stick to white (or light) colours

You may deem ordinary white as dull, but trust us it’s going to (visually) open up the ceiling, walls and floor of your loft room. Especially if you remembered to include generous windows or even a fancy skylight. 

Remember that upstairs rooms tend to get less foot traffic, which means your loft’s prime-white floors can keep looking good as new for longer. 

2. Consider small furniture

Children can make play zones out of anything, especially smaller spaces, which is why so many loft conversions are turned into children’s rooms. Consider how much easier it is to tuck a play table, chair, or some small shelving into a tight space where full-size furniture would never fit in. 

And of course there exists a myriad of light, soft colour options for your kids’ new sleep/play space, especially when it comes to pastels. 

3. Craft a focal point

Every room needs a focal point, a certain feature or piece which is meant to draw the eye. Sometimes it can be an architecture feature, like a sublime fireplace or striking window design. Other times, a beautiful painting, stunning headboard, or splendid couch can become a focal point.

Does your loft space have a nice view or a good source of natural light? Maybe let one of its windows become a focal point by accentuating its presence via some colour and décor? 

4. Never forget about storage

As loft rooms are usually on the smaller side, it’s up to creative thinking to save up as much legroom as possible, especially if it’s for storage purposes. And one of our favourite ways is to scope out double-duty furniture that can hide away stuff while looking pretty.

Of course your choice of furnishings will depend on what you turn your loft into. But we’re sure you’ll be able to use an ottoman with built-in drawer compartments (which can also function as a coffee table or side table). Or a floating/wall-hung bookshelves that save on floor space…

5. Working with quirky corners

The majority of loft rooms present quirky corners and slanted ceilings which can make playing interior designer/decorator a tad challenging. But don’t be put off by these minor inconveniences. Instead, rely on colour and pattern (and small, double-duty pieces) to make your loft’s weird space work for you instead of against you. 

Patterned wallpaper is terrific for adding instant personality to a wall, while a splash of one solid colour (i.e. burnt orange or ocean blue) can immediately set up a vibe (like warm and inviting or cool and relaxing).

6. A loft bathroom

If you have the budget, we suggest treating yourself to a royal look for your new loft bathroom. Crystal chandeliers, gold-finished faucets, marble tiles, stained-glass windows or a skylight (or both)… Elegance and sophistication can go a long way, especially if you might plan on selling your home later on in life – that glamorous bathroom might just kick up your property price.

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A home cinema? A yoga studio? What would your loft space be used for?

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