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12 home accessories you need to feel fancy

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We don't need to channel Audrey Hepburn in order to feel fancy. In fact, it can be as simple as splurging on a few exciting, fun and frivolous home accessories. In the interest of full disclosure, the less useful or necessary a purchase is, the more indulgent and fabulous it makes us feel so we've really gone to town with choosing some of our favourite items today.

You may not have ever thought about buying a hand-crafted wooden serving box for your cocktail sausages before but prepare to need one as we are feeling fancy as all hell and ready to get super indulgent!

1. Get your interior designer hat on and embrace luxury fabrics

Simple materials just won't do if you want to feel fancy in your home so start paying attention to the more upmarket end of the scale. Velvet, leather, suede and chenille are all great places to start and use them where you will get to appreciate them regularly. On your sofa, for example, just to top up your smug levels a little!

2. Display your treats in style

Adrian Blanc Design Studio has reached into our brains and found the most fabulously fancy dream product and brought it to life! A snack box, with integral cocktail stick holder. Well, we don't mind if we do, darling!

3. A spiffing cocktail bar for entertaining guests

Industrial Wine/Drinks Trolley on lockable castors V I Metal Ltd Dining roomWine racks
V I Metal Ltd

Industrial Wine/Drinks Trolley on lockable castors

V I Metal Ltd

No truly fancy home would be complete without a well-stocked bar or wine cellar and when we say well-stocked, we mean it. If you don't have Angostura Bitters, you may as well shut up shop right now!

4. A custom bed so even during sleep you are enjoying luxury

Wow! If you want to feel fancy you need to make sure that even when you aren't awake to appreciate it, you are surrounded by luxury. A custom headboard will certainly take care of that.

5. Recline in style on a chaise

L2 Chaise longue Loft Kolasinski BedroomSofas & chaise longue Flax/Linen Grey
Loft Kolasinski

L2 Chaise longue

Loft Kolasinski

Why would anyone simply sit in an upright chair when they can sprawl languidly on an upmarket chaise longue? Beats us, as we are feeling fancy and setting our sights on a sweet little seat designed to show off all our best angles!

6. Combine feeling fancy and flirty with silk bed sheets

Charcoal silk bed linen Gingerlily BedroomTextiles Silk Grey

Charcoal silk bed linen


After you've slipped into bed on top of silk sheets you'll never go back to low-end cotton ever again! For extra fancy feelings, invest in a matching silk robe.

7. Feast like a king with custom cutlery

There's nothing fancy about bog standard cutlery but having special items made is a great way to guarantee that you'll feel pretty special, regardless of if you're eating caviar or pot noodles! 

8. Brew up a proper coffee with a state of the art machine

Lifestyle Eva Solo KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware
Eva Solo


Eva Solo

We don't mind if you think of us as coffee snobs but instant is not real coffee so invest in a fantastic espresso machine if you want to really start your day feeling fancy and alert!

9. Enjoy your films on the big screen

home cinema will always make you feel and seem super fancy, especially if you also treat yourself to a popcorn maker. Just think, you can watch what you want, when you want, without ever having to stand in a queue!

10. Buy an understated sound system that looks as expensive as it actually was

The simpler the design the more expensive it tends to be and we all know that's the case! Imagine how fancy you'd feel linking this little sweetie up to your vintage record player and acting like it's no big deal…

11. Lay back and forget about the world in a hammock

Unity Single Hammock 2016 Trinity hammocks Pool Textile White
Trinity hammocks

Unity Single Hammock 2016

Trinity hammocks

We can't guarantee you many hot summer days in the UK but when they do strike you'll want to get straight into your garden and a fancy hammock. Anyone can have lawn chairs, after all!

12. Make every room fancy

Metropolitan Luxe - Office LuxDeco Study/officeChairs Brown

Metropolitan Luxe—Office


For the ultimate in fancy homes you need to inject a little luxury into every room. We think your home office is a great inclusion, especially if you try to include a lot of leather and rich tones. Seriously fancy!

For more high-end home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Live A Little Luxury.

Are you feeling in the mood to get a little fancy? Tell us what you're in the market for!

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