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When a room is perfectly lit, you don’t see it – you feel it. Think about it: only when a room suffers from over- or under-lighting do we immediately look up to see what the issue is. But when that room is lit the right way, you (and your guests) feel relaxed and comfortable. 

That is why it’s so important to carefully consider your bulbs and fixtures. You want an inviting environment that will encourage people to stay. But lighting your home like a pro involves a bit more than choosing the right amount of lights or stopping people from stumbling into a dim corner. 

Can’t afford to hire a professional lighting designer? No problem – today we shed some stylish light on the secrets to a perfectly lit home.

1. Don’t overdo it

Lighting fatigue is that feeling you get in an overly lit space, like a hospital waiting room. Here’s a secret: you don’t need to light up the whole room. 

Rather incorporate multiple comfortably lit points of light instead of one gigantic indoor sun. The best lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together. Consider using a range of lighting in varied heights and locations.

2. Lighting your living room

The living room is prone to a number of different actions: reading, napping, chatting with guests, watching television…  That is why this room requires a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and down-lights (recessed or track lighting). 

But remember to always consider your lighting as part of the décor.

3. Lighting the kitchen

Yes, the kitchen is a space where you will be using sharp utensils and boiling water, but you don’t need a multitude of lights to stay safe. Or one giant one that lights up the entire room. 

Make use of directed lights for different areas, like the countertop and kitchen island. Set up task lights under the stove range or cabinets to light countertops. Lighting that illuminate the seating spots (like the breakfast nook) are also advisable.

4. When it comes to the bathroom

In the bathroom, lighting fatigue isn’t as important as looking good, considering that we spend less time in the bathroom than the kitchen or living room. 

The perfectly lit bathroom has lights above the mirror, as well as on both sides of it. This is to help fill in any shadows that might appear in your reflection. And when the mood changes and you need a relaxing bath, switch off those lights and bring in some soft-glow candles.

5. Do be dim

The quickest, cheapest way to great lighting? Changing your switches to dimmers. 

Dimmers are essential for multipurpose rooms, as they allow for fantastic flexibility depending on the time of day, the event, or the mood. They also reduce energy consumption and increase bulb life.

6. Know your bulbs

Always avoid fluorescent tubes. They make everything look off-colour and can tire out your eyes. 

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are great alternatives, but you need to be careful disposing of them. 

Screw-in LEDs have a long life and significantly cut your electricity usage, but can be pricey to implement. For a lovely warm vibe in your room, opt for the dimmable white A-19 LED light bulb for your incandescent replacement.

7. Your lampshades

The right lampshade can have a tremendous effect on your room’s lighting. To brighten a room, choose a pure white lampshade made from light and airy fabric, like linen or cotton. This will allow the lampshade to filter the artificial light more vividly, casting a more charming glow on your space. 

By all means, take your low-wattage bulb to the store and try it out with different shades.

8. Update your old lighting

If you’re using antique table lamps, stop wondering why they don’t output sufficient light. But we’re not going to suggest tossing them, as we love a good vintage piece! It may simply come down to changing the lampshade harp, the metal accessory which connects the lampshade to the lamp. 

If your lampshade sits crookedly and too low on a table, you may want to upgrade to a taller harp. This will add more shining space below the bulb.

9. Don’t forget those vertical surfaces

It’s not all about your furniture and floors. What’s the point of hanging striking (and pricey) wall art if nobody can admire them once the sun sets? Light sconces or downlighters can cast charming glows on vertical spaces, such as paintings or the wall itself. 

See our stylish tips when it comes to: Bringing Blank Walls To Life!

10. For the bedroom

We all know that more than sleeping goes on in the bedroom. That is why we recommend good reading lights at the bed (either against the wall, casting the light down on the bed), or on your bedside table. 

Task lighting should be used for the area where you get dressed.

And any overhead lighting should be fit with a dimmer to accompany the occasional romantic mood.

We’re a curious bunch so leave us a comment and let us know what lighting you use in your home!

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