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How to Choose a Good Steam Cleaner for Your Home?

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How to Choose a Good Steam Cleaner for Your Home ? It is important to know what parameters you need to pay attention to buy the best steam cleaner for your home. Experts recommend paying attention to the following features of the device:

How to Choose a Good Steam Cleaner for Your Home?

1.Power: The speed (steam generation) of water to steam conversion and consequently the cleaning time of the apartment as a whole depends directly on this technical specification. If you buy a device with a capacity of less than 1000 W, be prepared for the fact that cleaning will take a long time. Refuse to buy low power devices with a very long hose. Perhaps this is the most unfortunate combination. Since the efficiency of the steam cleaner is significantly low and wet marks remain on the treated surface.

2. Steam power regulator: It is desirable to equip the device with such a function, because it will be much more convenient to use. Therefore, some models of steam cleaners for carpets and furniture are equipped with the function of providing dry steam. Carpet, sofa or laundry treated in this way remain completely dry. You can obtain additional information about by browsing our website.

3. Water tank capacity : Do not buy models with a very small water tank. Since then, you have to add fluids frequently. In this regard, the steam cleaner is considered to be the best, 2 liters of water are poured into the tank immediately, this is enough for the first 1 hour of cleaning.

4. Vapor Pressure : For household appliances, a vapor pressure of 3 bar will be sufficient. Steam cleaners in the kitchen, which has less pressure with old pollution, can not cope.

If cleaning at home is maintained regularly and old pollutants do not need to be removed, it will be sufficient to purchase a low-flow device with a vapor jet distribution rate of 30-40 g / min.

5. Temperature mode : These indicators should not be below +135.. + 140 º C for high performance steam cleaners. In this case, surface cleaning and disinfection are guaranteed. Units with a temperature of +100 º C will only be useful for steaming laundry and cleaning carpets. For serious sanitary cleaning or mildew removal, these devices are not suitable.

6. Additional features: Famous manufacturers complement the steam cleaners to many additional features. If the family has small children, you can purchase the device by protecting it from children. In this case, the child cannot turn on the device and harm himself.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Steam Cleaner for Your Home

In addition to the features listed, pay attention to other parameters as follows:

Hose length

In base steam generators, the flexible hose is long enough, so you shouldn't go beyond a reasonable limit. You can easily reach the ceiling from the floor with a flexible three-meter tube with hard extension. The hoses that are too short are not comfortable to use. All distant corners, ceiling bases and mezzanines will be very problematic. Long hoses also have a serious disadvantage - as long as the steam from the boiler reaches the nozzle, it will have time to cool significantly.

Material from which the accident is made

Steel or aluminum used in the manufacture of internal boiler boilers. Modern models are equipped with faster-heated aluminum tanks, and almost no dirt has formed in them. For those who buy direct flow units, there is no such option: the water tanks in them are made only from plastic.

Complete set

From this, the equipment of the unit will depend on how diverse the possibilities for its use. However, to avoid spending too much, decide on your own needs for cleaning issues. But saving too much is not worth it, you risk limiting the possibilities of this universal assistant.

Here is a list of the most popular feeds that will be useful at home:


It is essential for cleaning embossed surfaces, parquet, ceramic and even upholstered furniture. Through a combination of mechanical cleaning and steam treatment, the effect of such an effect gives excellent results. If you choose scrub brushes, remember that their use is only permitted on mechanical pressure-resistant surfaces.

Terry cloths

It is recommended to clean kitchen appliances precisely, wash windows and use laminate. It is very practical because it can be used repeatedly. During normal washing, pollution caused by these is easily removed.

Pacifier (nipple)

With the help of this narrow and long conical nozzle, you can easily penetrate the farthest corners of the house. There are a variety of small brushes designed to clean small items such as kitchen fixtures.

It is used with combined cleaners equipped with steam function and moisture regulator. With the help of such a mouthpiece, you can easily trim the most delicate fabrics, clean a fur coat and steam the heavy curtains.