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​13 household items that could make you much happier

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We all know that life is more than just performing at work or keeping contact with friends. Those little moments inbetween big life events are just as important: those few minutes spent with some tea on the couch, slicing up veggies for dinner, or the process of running a bath after a long day… these make up instances where we can either lose ourselves in our actions, or come to a halt and catch up on some thinking. 

And in the spirit of little moments, we are presenting to you a list of “little” things that can really help to fill up your life, even if you never knew you had some filling up to do. Whether it’s to cheer you up, calm you down, fill up some free time, or just get you through the day, our choices below are sure to serve as excellent pick-me-ups, both mentally and physically. 

So, what will it be for you?

1. Bath salts to wash away your cares

This is a delightful way of de-stressing without visiting a high-priced spa. With their range of minerals, bath salts help to fight stress, combat fatigue, soothe sore muscles, and balance the lymphatic fluid in your body. That makes them much more than just a pretty gift for Mother’s Day.

So, treat yourself!

2. An adult LEGO set

Tessera Curved Shelf ASPACE Nursery/kid's roomStorage

Tessera Curved Shelf


Building blocks help toddlers with their hand-eye coordination, yet it can also benefit you as an adult. So, put Candy Crush on hold and grab a nice LEGO set instead. 

Concentrating on fitting all those little pieces together and ultimately creating a miniature structure is a fantastic way to focus and push those negative thoughts about your boss and co-workers out of your mind. 

No-one needs to know!

3. Treat yourself to spa-like shampoo and conditioner

Treat your hair, and your senses! Invest in some high-range shampoo and conditioner to ensure that a spa-like scent follows you around the entire day. Taking deep breaths throughout the day and breathing in that apple mint (or ginger pumpkin, or whatever scent rocks your world) can help you to keep calm and lower your stress levels.

4. Plants that purify (and prettify)

potted plant brings more than just some colour and scent to your interiors. The right kind can also go a long way in purifying your space in a very low-maintenance way. 

Some choice options are Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Chinese Evergreen, Mass Cane, Ficus Alii, and Gerbera Daisy.

5. Rediscover your inner child with adult colouring books

There’s no shame in admitting you love to colour – whether you were brilliant or bad at it in pre-school, you have the right to practice staying in the lines whenever you please.

Numerous studies have shown that colouring helps with de-stressing, activating both parts of the cerebral hemisphere, reducing anxiety, and inducing a meditative state. In short: it’s good for you! 

So, grab an adult colouring book and your choice of colour mediums, and enjoy!

6. Kick back in some super soft bed sheets

We know that sleep is important, and that’s why we opt for the best mattresses. But what about your sheets? 

Your bed linen forms a big part of your sleep environment, so don’t ignore it! Soft sheets and fluffed pillows can make a world of difference to your relaxation levels. Aren’t you worthy of some sweet dreams, too?

7. Lose yourself in audiobooks

No one can blame you for having tired eyes after a hard day. But should you want to escape into a fantasy world, opt for an audiobook instead of a DVD. 

Getting comfy and losing yourself in another world (while listening to the reader’s soothing voice) can calm you down and elevate your mood. Plus, you finally get to talk about “reading” Harry Potter instead of just seeing the films!

8. Enjoy the soothing scent of candles

Warm wishes Embrace Hurricane PartyLite HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Warm wishes Embrace Hurricane


We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but the spa really does hold a world of benefits. Therefore, take a tip, and invest in some scented candles (either for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or wherever).  

Won’t teatime be that more relaxing with a hint of vanilla (or cranberry, or cinnamon) in the background?

9. Invest in exercise equipment and sweat it off

You don’t have to build up an entire gym in your home to enjoy the occasional workout. Something simple like an elliptical machine or yoga mat can make a giant difference to your health and mental state. 

Feeling confident, fit, and physically stronger is sure to help you combat those deadlines at work with ease. 

We’ll help you feel the burn, so see our: 6 Easy Steps To Create The Perfect Home Gym.

10. Disconnect at bath time with Bluetooth speakers

A candle can set a nice mood for bathing, but some audio can really transport you to another realm. 

Whether it’s Bach, Bieber, or Beyoncé you’re into, allow them to help you tune out the world while soaking up those scented bath salts and relaxing by candlelight. 

Be sure to seek out our range of professional bathroom designers here on homify to help you craft the perfect spa-like space in your home.

11. Get creative with your stationery

Nobody writes letters any more – and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Some of us will never know how it feels to open an envelope and read a passionate (or just platonic) letter from that special someone.

Ditch that mobile phone and email and connect with a loved one by writing a good old-fashioned letter. Or try your hand at some poetry, or kick-start that novel you've been dreaming about.

12. Forget all your worries in a hammock

Double Rainbow Hammock Hen and Hammock Garden Furniture
Hen and Hammock

Double Rainbow Hammock

Hen and Hammock

A soft sofa is fantastic for relaxing, but it can only take your daydreams so far. 

A hammock is what you need to swing your troubles away! The great news is that they’re not just for tropical islands – you can hang that hammock on your patio or in your house, and treat yourself to a relaxing swing whenever you feel like it (perhaps while listening to your brand-new audiobook?)

13. Practice a musical instrument

Whether it’s the guitar or piano, violin or harmonica, most of us have a favourite musical instrument. And practicing at playing one ups your memory levels, teaches you perseverance, enhances your coordination, and sharpens your concentration. 

So, why not try it?

What’ll it be? Scented candle? Colouring book? Tell us which items you’ll seize for a happier you!

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