Why is carpet important?

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Not sure what all the fuss about carpeting is about? Stop thinking about carpet as a flooring material and instead consider it as a textile (which it actually is). This can help you better understand its qualities and benefits, and also how it compares to “harder” flooring options like wood or tile. 

Just like any piece of furniture or décor, so too can the right carpet enhance the look of an entire room. Never must it be considered as an afterthought, especially since it can also influence your property’s price.

Ready to give carpeting another try? Let’s look at 6 benefits that the right carpet can mean for your interiors…  

1. It adds style

Like hardwood (and marble, and tile… ), carpet has its own unique style and vibe. And thanks to ingenious thinking by Interior Designers/Decorators, Flooring professionals and other experts in the industry, carpet is available in literally any style (modern, elegant, casual and comfy… ), colour, size, pattern, and texture one can imagine.

10 out of 10 for variety, then!

2. It’s much more comfortable

Deirdre Dyson BLUE BARS hand knotted wool and silk rug, residential commission Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd Classic style dining room
Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

Deirdre Dyson BLUE BARS hand knotted wool and silk rug, residential commission

Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

Hard surfaces are exactly that: hard. Sure, a stunning hardwood floor looks like a million bucks, yet it offers no flexibility or soft underfoot sensation. That means that hard flooring surfaces lack the ability to act as shock absorbers for your footsteps every time you walk on it, which accounts for those aches and pains you feel after walking on hard surfaces for too long. 

Not only is carpeting more comfortable to touch (and walk, sit, and lounge on), but it’s also much softer on the body when standing or walking. 

3. It has warmth

Shabby Chic Pixers Classic style bedroom Multicolored

Shabby Chic


There might be no complaints in summer, but what happens when winter rolls around and your interiors are freezing? You really think hardwood floors or tiles are going to be warm and cosy? Here is where carpet, again, walks out the winner as it provides fantastic insulation for a room, immediately upping said room’s warmth factor. 

And as carpet can help reduce the amount of heat going to waste in your home, one could also state that carpet does help to save on house-heating costs. 

4. It is much quieter

It’s no secret that if you want to move without producing sound, a soft underfoot surface is best. And not that we have anything against beautiful hard flooring surfaces, but they don’t do anything for loud, echoing noises that bounce from wall to wall. 

How so? Because hard surfaces are unable to absorb sound the same way that soft surfaces (like a comfy, fluffy rug) do. 

5. It’s safer

Flaxman & Fulham Quartz Roger Oates Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Roger Oates Design

Flaxman & Fulham Quartz

Roger Oates Design

We’re not saying that falling on carpet doesn’t hurt. But considering how easy it is to make tile floor slippery and how painful it is to slip and come crashing down, we’d much rather opt for a softer landing.

Carpeting a certain area, especially stairs, can definitely help to prevent some falls, particularly when it comes to young children, elderly residents, or anybody with mobility issues. 

6. The costs

You won’t find any floor covering exclusively linked to a certain price. Yes, high-class materials like marble tend to be on the more costly side, but it can also depend on the situation (i.e. the professional in charge, the client’s wants and needs, their budget… ).  However, it’s safe to say that carpet is (generally) a more cost-effective option than hard-surface floors.

This can be attributed to the fact that many hard-surface floors, like solid hardwood or vinyl, require special preparation before installation, and/or maintenance afterwards. With carpet, these concerns are eliminated, especially since carpet can easily be installed over various sub-floor surfaces, saving a great deal of cost. 

As for the maintenance afterwards, what would you prefer: committing to regularly oiling your hardwood floors or just vacuuming your carpets every now and again?

Whether you choose carpet, tile or something else, we’re going to show you How to step up your staircase style

What would you prefer: hardwood floors, shiny tiled surfaces, or soft and cushy carpet?

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