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7 Hallway decor ideas to make your home more beautiful!

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Beautiful hallways set the tone for beautiful houses. When decorating your hallway, think of a style, sprinkle some practical touches and add grandeur that impresses every visitor. The hallway need not be a boring passage, it can be as interesting or even more dramatic than the rest of the house. Take a look at these 7 decor ideas that can help transform your hallway into a stunning part of the house.

Beautiful Lights

Light, both natural and artificial has a crucial role to play in the interior decoration of the house. It helps to have a huge light installation in a big hallway like this one. Think of it is the centre piece and create rest of the decor around it. 

Plants are always a good choice

You can rarely go wrong with plants. Arrange your indoor plants in the hallway; big or small, they will always bring in positivity and good energy in the surroundings. Do however take regular care of them as overlooking their well-being can ruin them and in turn ruin the look of your hallway.

Here's an ideabook that gives you more ideas on how to incorporate plants in your home decor.

Console Table

Console tables are stylish, practical and very commonly placed in hallways. They serve the purpose of a quick landing space for stuff once you are inside the house. Go for an eye-catching yet functional console table that adds a style quotient to the hallway decor.

Arty Mirror

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A quick look in the mirror when going out or just entering the house is a lovely addition. Try using the mirror as a wall art and choose the one that ups the glamour quotient of your hallway. Bright vibrant frames with quirky designs can be set in similar style decor or can break the monotony of an otherwise dull color tone overall.

Add Some Drama

Add some drama at the entrance with these mirrors on both sides and beehive frames over them. Imagine a first time visitor walking in through the door through this hallway. This is no less than a movie setting!

Bright colors

If bright and chirpy is your style, use the colour tones in your hallway to create a one of a kind decor. This hallway in blue and white is so charming and lively. Yellow bench and green plants break the colors in the right places in the right measure.

Showoff Your Art

When you have an art collection to show off, then why waste the opportunity? Hallway walls need not have empty walls anymore. Install the paintings with focus lighting and you have an art gallery of your own. Better still, if you paint yourself, why not let others see your talent too. The hallway could be just the perfect place for your paintings or photographs.

Hallway decor can be as exciting as the rest of the house. Don't just have a coat hanger and a shoe rack there and think that it's done. Even if the hallway is tiny, create an impressive place that speaks your style and one that guests do not forget any time soon.

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