9 kitchen shelves to show your carpenter

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Kitchen Pixers Colonial style kitchen
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Gone are the days when a home’s kitchen was a secluded, hidden-away spot meant for cooking and baking (and a host of other household duties), but not socialising. Yes, it is pretty impressive how far the heart of the home has come, considering that (with the right design, space and layout) modern-day kitchens can be just as accommodating for social events as even the best living room.

That brings us to modern-day kitchen designs, which admittedly are more polished and minimalist than those of only a decade or two ago. But since when is that a bad thing? Well, as soon as your kitchen design starts influencing with its main mission (remember that any kitchen is, first and foremost, a working zone and needs to be designed/maintained as one), you know you have gone too far.

But what about something simple, like kitchen shelving? Surely these don’t need hours and hours of planning, especially not with open-style shelving not requiring additional elements like doors and hardware? Well, it just so happens that the trend of open shelving is on the rise again, with these delightful storage/display pieces showing up in more and more kitchens worldwide regardless of their design styles (although, admittedly, open shelving is a more popular idea for modern, contemporary, minimalistic, and Scandinavian styles). 

And why not, considering the many benefits? Did you know, for instance, that open shelving:

• Ups your home’s storage options?

• Can make your kitchen look bigger and brighter?

• Is easier to clean than regular cupboards/cabinetry (it just requires a quick dusting)?

• Is so much quicker and easier to organise?

• Can help display your prized crockery (or whatever it is you want to exhibit) collection? 

• Works out much more inexpensive than regular cupboards, as there’s no more splurging on cabinet doors, knobs and pullers, etc.)?

So, do we have your attention now? Let’s view some examples of kitchen shelving (in a symphony of different styles, colours, sizes… ) that can inspire not only you, but also your Carpenter who’s been itching for a new project.

1. Terrific in timber

We love the idea of merging raw timber with another eye-catching material, like exposed brick. A simple way to blend detail to enhance a room’s character. 

2. Quick and convenient

8 Dunollie Road ATOM BUILD LTD Modern kitchen

8 Dunollie Road


Not every shelf needs to be as long as possible. Sometimes a short-and-sweet design is perfect for crafting a little coffee/breakfast station.

3. Include your walls

Fancy Wood Pixers Colonial style kitchen

Fancy Wood


Never view your shelf as a stand-alone piece. It needs to complement the kitchen's existing look, including the back wall. But that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun with said wall's style, does it?

4. A bright idea

Kin by Mowlem & Co Mowlem&Co Kitchen units

Kin by Mowlem & Co


Lighting, especially natural, is key for any room. And that is why we can't stop staring at these charming shelves lit up by that impressive skylight during the day, and those unique wall sconces by night.

5. Clever and creative lighting

Remember we said the kitchen is a work zone? See how you can use your shelving to add lighting (especially task lighting) to help with cooking, slicing, washing…

6. Open, but not really

Don't want to expose too much? There's always the option of adding simple glass doors to your shelving for an almost-but-not-quite closed look.

7. A straightforward look

Linear kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Minimalist kitchen
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Linear kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

Thanks to the addition of open shelving, this washing-up area just looks so much neater and cleaner. And kudos to whoever decided to be brave with that deep blue!

8. Space-saving style

The Old School House | A Contemporary Family Kitchen in East London Humphrey Munson Classic style kitchen
Humphrey Munson

The Old School House | A Contemporary Family Kitchen in East London

Humphrey Munson

Do you think your Carpenter will be able to add wall-to-wall shelving to your cooking space for maximum space-saving potential?

9. Pretty prominent

Muswell Hill K&I Kitchens Built-in kitchens
K&I Kitchens

Muswell Hill

K&I Kitchens

Remember there's no reason to hide your shelving. In fact, how about choosing a certain type of wood (colour, texture, pattern) to make it stand out that much more from your kitchen wall?

See how many open shelving you can spot in these 12 examples of minimalist and modern kitchens done right

Are you convinced open shelving is the way to go, or is it just not the right design choice for your kitchen?

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