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How To Make Your Old House Feel Brand New

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Your house is there to protect you. It keeps you warm and cool, it shelters you from the elements, and it puts up with all your constant changes and mood swings. That is certain to have an effect on any physical thing, dead or alive. So, isn’t it time you paid your house back for everything it does for you?

Sometimes wear and tear involves more than a cracked window or a squeaky cupboard door. But luckily, we at homify know what’s up, and (more importantly) we know how to solve it!

So, whether you want to spruce up your home to bring back that old charm, or are thinking of selling it, see herewith our tips to make that old house feel brand new!

When floors get you down

Hardwood floors can be one of the most stunning elements in a house, but even they can show the strains of wear and tear after a while. So, why not treat them to a good staining? 

Staining hardwood floors can be achieved in one of two ways: with a coloured finish, such as a browned lacquer, or floor paint. In this case, the colour stays in the finish on top of the wood.

Or else you can opt for a stain or wood dye, which is a liquid (usually water or solvent based) that contains a pigment which soaks into the wood. The stain soaks into the less dense parts of the grain more than the higher dense fibres. This means it works with the wood, exaggerating the patterns in the grain.

Does your carpet still cut it?

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It’s obvious why so many people love carpets or rugs: that soft, squishy, feeling underfoot. There are few things as comfy as walking barefoot on a fluffy carpet – and, likewise, there are few things as uncomfortable as treading on an old, dirty, and just plain creepy carpet.

If a good old carpet cleaning treatment is not enough to rid you of that old carpet’s stains, then it’s time to consider some new underfoot fluffiness. Luckily, today’s carpet manufacturers spoil us with choices for every room, style, design, colour, pattern, and size imaginable. 

homify hint: That old carpet can harm your health: allergens and dirt can contribute to respiratory problems, so invest in a decent professional cleaning service, or a brand new carpet.

How are those doors doing?

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Switching to a new front door instantly gives your home’s facade a facelift, but it also makes a big difference when you replace old interior doors with new ones. And one of the best things of door installations is that you can pick the order (i.e. doing the bathroom door first, and then the bedroom door later). However, most people opt for a new front door first, and then proceed with the back- or interior doors later.

To save you some costs, select a door that won’t require a new opening, or the widening of an existing opening. And remember that it takes a lot more work (and money) to enlarge an opening than to reduce it.

New power to you

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You may not realise it, but those power outlets in your home are quite overworked. Charging your cell phone, providing power to your television, ensuring your coffee machine keeps going… who can blame a power outlet for weakening or checking out after some time?

But it’s not just power outlets that feel the strain of time: light switches and plates, alarms, thermostats, and smoke detectors can all do with a facelift every now and again. But you can be sure that replacing those old and weary-looking elements with shiny new ones will make a significant change to how you (and others) view your home. 

Be sure to call in a professional electrician before you start playing with any wires!

If your walls don’t wow you anymore

We’re quick to notice when those paintings or mirrors are looking a bit dull, but what about the wall that supports them? A wall also needs to look good, seeing as it forms such a major part of a house.

The second you notice a hole or a crack in the wall, get right on it. And be sure to check the corners too, seeing as they are particularly vulnerable to the effects of time. Consult a professional to give you expert advice or, if you’re up for it, attempt a DIY project to make those walls wow-worthy again. 

And even if a wall is still in good condition, a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference…

Perfect with paint

Speaking of paint, they’re not just for walls, you know! Finessing outdated furniture, enhancing that front door, refinishing time-worn hardwood floors… a good dose of paint (in the right colour) can perform miracles! 

homify hint: Don’t like that reddish tone of your brick wall? By all means, paint it. Thanks to its rough surface, brick adds a striking pattern and unique visual factor to any space, so changing its colour won’t take away all of its magic. Feel free to paint your brick wall to match your style and colour. 

We don’t ever get tired of brick, which is why we want to show you: Brick walls with added WOW!

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