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Often the issue when it comes to storing the bits and pieces that fill our homes is not the lack of available space, but the way we are utilising the space we have. A large home may have lots of space, but can still seem busy and cluttered.  On the other hand, a small apartment can be still be organised and tidy without being stripped back of its furnishings and decorations. It's all about being smart, and carefully planning the layout of our homes. Some of these suggestions we would like to present to you you may have already seen, some maybe not. Some may even seem obvious, so why do we often get it so wrong? If your place is in need of tidying up, then read on for some simple, and some other not so simple storage solutions.

Clever kids rooms

The kids room is often the most untidy room. Children being children means the last thing on their mind is the storage of their toys and games. Kid also often own the most stuff, so children's room storage is crucial. By raising the bed and freeing up the floor space it would normally take up, we can make room for storage solutions for your child's possessions. Keeping the cupboards low, contrary to other rooms in the home, will ensure their favourite toy or ball is always at a reachable height.

Pot racks

A simple storage design that may seem obviously effective but is still not often utilised is pot racks. They are an ingenious solution to the annoying and clumsy pots and pans cupboard or drawer. With industrial style living on trend right now, it could be seen that hanging pots in your kitchen similar to the way they do in restaurants is in keeping with this trend.

Staircase space

A staircase is present in many homes and, due to the old design of many terrace houses, amongst others, the staircase itself can take up a lot of space. When first built, the space below the stairs would have been dead space, unused and going to waste. With better building knowledge and the need to utilise every available corner of our homes as inner city properties become more expensive, this area is an obvious place to start making better use of. The designers of these clever drawers have customised them for this particular staircase, designing the corners to fit flush with the angle of the staircase. Notice even the handle of the smallest drawer has been tweaked to fit, an aestheticaly pleasing design that serves a functional purpose as well.

Bike solutions

For some, leaving their prized possession outside overnight is not even an option. Unfortunately, bikes are cumbersome and take up a lot of space. As people become more environmentally conscious and cycling in the city becomes more common, naturally more bikes are going to be needed to be stored. Bike storage racks, such as this modern design, have become very popular in inner city flats and apartments. A simple box such as this is affordable, functional, and easy to install. Bets of all, it looks great. The box sits high enough so that your bike is off the ground, and with the small drawer, you will have easy access to all your bike repair tools and other bits and bobs.

Wall feature

When space is super tight, you might have to get just as creative. Hanging your bike above your work space may not be the first place you think of as a storage space, but hey, why not?

TV unit storage

Incorporating storage into your TV unit is another often overlooked, but practical idea to avoid clutter. We may often see a bookshelf or storage unit on one of the other three walls in the lounge room, but not often surrounding the TV itself.

Hidden cellar

This completely unique location for a wine storage rack is an easy way to add life to an often overlooked part of the home. Obviously we all cannot have an opulent wine cellar in the basement of our homes, so we think this nearly the next best thing.  From a practical point of view, this is a great place to store wine in this particular staircase, as it is relatively hidden from sunlight and is also a corner of the house that does not dramatically fluctuate in temperature. It also ensures that, at the next dinner party you throw, that one guest who always goes on the hunt for more alcohol when all the readily available drink has run out will have to search that little bit harder before they find your stash!

Basement cellar

The Large Hexagonal Cellar Stone Cellar Company Modern wine cellar
Stone Cellar Company

The Large Hexagonal Cellar

Stone Cellar Company

If you are, in fact, one of the lucky few who has the ability to store wine in your basement, then make sure you do utilise this perfect storage area. Remember, the basement does not have to just be for wine. This can be used to store anything else precious to you that should be out of direct sunlight and out of immediate view, such as antiques or jewelry, for example.

Utilise the attic

The attic of the home has always traditionally been an area for storage of some description, but never as beautiful as this. The amount of floor space in your home can dramatically be increased by turning your attic into a functioning room, for storage or otherwise. This custom built attic wardrobe has been carefully planned, not letting the slope of the ceiling get in the way of functionality. To ensure this traditionally dark room is never without light, a large skylight has been installed, a smart choice for the top level of the home.

Adults bedroom

Storage under the bed is certainly not limited to the child's room. If space is at a minimum in your bedroom, or you are aiming for a more minimal look for the walls, utilising the often overlooked space under your bed is a great way to achieve your practical or aesthetic effect.

How to you tackle the storage issues you are faced with in your home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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