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7 interior design tips for autumn-inspired interiors

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Bert and May Box Cs photography Rustic style bedroom
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Ask 100 people what they love about autumn and you’ll get 100 different answers – like crackling fire and changing leaves. But although a drop in temperature doesn’t have us all giddy, we are certainly looking forward to another autumn. Because a new season not only signifies the passing of time, but also announces new trends and inspirations. 

And when it comes to ideas on how to spice up our homes’ interiors for the end of harvest season, what better example than Mother Nature’s rich autumn colours? 

1. What are autumn colours?

The Depth of Red Pixers Modern living room Red

The Depth of Red


Crafting an autumn colour palette doesn’t have to be tricky – in fact, the hardest part might be deciding which tints and tones to include and which ones to leave.

This is because autumn’s array of colours ranges from crimson and caramel to peach and (light) purple. But don’t try and reinvent the wheel. See how Mother Nature has scattered her autumn tints and apply the same logic to your interiors. And look carefully, because she teaches us quite a few tricks about placing which ones together, contrasting colours (the ones that show up opposite one another on the colour wheel), and much more. 

2. Bring autumn inside

LULLABY Autumn Tecnografica Modern walls & floors Beige



Rely on the brilliance of professional Interior Designers/Decorators to bring in nature-inspired designs. Or mix and match some rich hues and fancy finishes to make your interiors look and feel visually warmer for the impending cold. 

Add some tea towels to your kitchen depicting brightly autumn colours like oranges, reds and yellows. Take some nature shots of autumn doing its best work and craft a little wall gallery. Or splash a sublime new colour on a focal wall (try a dusty green/grey if you’re tired of all those warm reds). 

3. Learn the style secrets of layers

Autumn is Coming Pixers Modern living room

Autumn is Coming


Layering up us not just about keeping warm – it’s about feeling cosy/inviting and looking the part, and that includes your interiors, too. 

To up your home’s cosiness factor this autumn, opt for a mixing-and-matching of fabrics designed to warm up such as flannel, brushed cotton, merino wool, tweed, etc. For some extra visual detail in your interiors, opt for different materials like slouchy linens, crushed leather, raw timber, and other examples perfect for a relaxed-and-rural style. 

Remember a dash of charming accessories, like an antique mirror frame or industrial lamp.

4. Set up a seasonal display

Treasure House, Polzeath | Cornwall Perfect Stays Rustic style living room
Perfect Stays

Treasure House, Polzeath | Cornwall

Perfect Stays

Instead of autumn-inspired décor (such as a painting depicting a bright orange forest), how about bringing in real pieces of nature? 

Sprinkle some dried leaves (in a delightful assortment of warm, autumn tones) in a tall glass vase for the centre of your dining table. Tie bouquets of tree branches together via fiery red ribbons to add some detail to your hallway or patio. Or unleash your artistic side and craft an autumn wreath for your guests to welcome everyone in style. 

5. Craft an autumn-inspired kitchen

Don’t leave out the heart of your home! Bring in some autumn-inspired style via copper and terracotta, woolly accessories, an old rocking chair (you get bonus points for this one), and obviously the usual autumn colours peppered on kitchen pots and crocks. 

6. Try some textures

Bert and May Box Cs photography Rustic style bedroom
Cs photography

Bert and May Box

Cs photography

There’s something deliciously rustic and magical about a log cabin, especially one in the middle of an autumn forest. To recreate this look for one of your rooms, highlight wood as the prime wall material. Then add some woven and patterned cushions, throws and linens in autumn notes and sprinkle these around. Don’t forget to include some wooden accessories to ensure a balanced and organic feel. 

Bonus points if you can toss in some leafy printed fabrics and prints inspired by lush forests and woodland shapes/patterns. 

7. Treat your home to autumn aromas

Sugar & Spice Large Scented Candle (Case 4) The Covent Garden Candle Company Asian style bars & clubs
The Covent Garden Candle Company

Sugar & Spice Large Scented Candle (Case 4)

The Covent Garden Candle Company

Finally, don’t forget to include some well-loved scents that just go so well with this time of the year. Pumpkin spice, anybody? How about aromatic cider bubbling away in your kitchen? Or the smell of burning wood wafting in from your living room?

Consider these the next time you’re shopping for scented candles, and remember to search for scents that highlight an earthy base, such as wood or musk, to complete your autumn-inspired interiors. 

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How are you planning on welcoming autumn back this year via your interiors?

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