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A better-organised garage in just 8 steps

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Peg Board Regalraum UK Double Garage
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We know all about good intentions and making plans to keep our homes clean and functional. But sometimes life does tend to get in the way. Especially when it comes to those zones in our homes that we don’t tend to spend much time in, like the garage

And of course your garage, like any other room in your house, needs to abide by certain rules and regulations to ensure it complements your home’s design and lifestyle. And that includes storage spaces, which seem to be on the endangered species list these days.

But before we go all doom and gloom, let’s see what you can accomplish (in under a weekend) when you decide to give your garage a functional makeover. 

1. A garage makeover: Put time aside

Stunning Garage Transformation in Buckinghamshire Garageflex Classic style garage/shed

Stunning Garage Transformation in Buckinghamshire


Make sure you give yourself adequate time for your garage makeover, whether it’s a single morning or an entire day. With a proper plan in place, pull out everything that adds clutter and start assigning various zones for items that can be trashed or recycled, donated, and the ones that need to be stored effectively. 

2. A garage makeover: Prepare yourself

Don’t randomly start tossing everything into a large bin – what if you need to search for something afterwards? Design a clear system to aid you on cleanup day, such as:

• Trash bags and cans

• Basic cleaning supplies (broom, bucket of soapy water with cloth, etc.)

• Empty boxes or baskets for your ‘donation’ pile

• Plastic containers, in various sizes, for storage. 

It’s important to properly clean your garage after sorting out your various piles, as this ensures more open floor- and wall space to focus on. 

3. A garage makeover: Small piles

It is just easier to proceed once you have your similar items grouped together (i.e. gardening supplies, holiday decorations, kids’ old toys… ). Work through your piles one by one to decide what goes and what stays.

And remember: many garage pieces tend to be dangerous (such as handyman tools), which is why it’s recommended to store these high up / out of reach of little ones. 

4. A garage makeover: Go vertical

Since you won’t be using your garage walls for beautiful paintings, commit to turning them into effective storage/display zones. Pegboards, floating shelving, and cabinets are all available in a multitude of different styles, sizes and budgets, meaning you are bound to find the ideal one(s) to help keep your important storage off the ground. 

5. A garage makeover: Plan and plan some more

P-SLOT Shelving Systems create order - Peg Board Regalraum UK Double Garage
Regalraum UK

P-SLOT Shelving Systems create order—Peg Board

Regalraum UK

Organise your garage in a way that makes sense to you – the same way that a professional Interior Designer/Decorator would approach this project. For example, place the least-used items on the very top and bottom shelves, leaving the middle shelving for pieces you frequently use. We also love the idea of using storage baskets or dividers to ensure an even more consistent storage system. 

6. A garage makeover: Make it a team effort

Get the rest of your household involved to keep a handle on future organisation. Give each family member a space of their own where they can store their sports supplies, toys, and goodness knows what else. 

homify hint: Create individual cubbies for each person where they can hang stuff on hooks, store items in benches, etc. 

7. A garage makeover: Consider the future

You don’t need to remind us about the UK’s unpredictable weather. So, for storing outdoor items once that weather starts acting up (again), consider dedicating a zone in your garage for those pieces that need some shelter (like furniture, beach goodies, etc.).

8. A garage makeover: What NOT to store there

Garage Wall Storage Ideas MyGarage Modern garage/shed

Garage Wall Storage Ideas


Contrary to what you may have heard, the garage is not the alpha and omega of storage. And to avoid a super cluttered look, ensure these items never set foot in your garage:

• Paint (find a more temperate spot, as extreme cold or heat can ruin the paint quality)

• Propane (you don’t want to risk a spark igniting some fumes, do you?)

• Papers (they attract roaches and other bugs like crazy, especially when not properly stored/covered)

• Pet food (unless it’s properly sealed and kept inside a fridge or cupboard where sniffling creatures can’t get to it). 

Next up: 10 things to look for when house hunting (maybe a bigger garage is on the list, too?). 

How much time does your garage need for a better organised look?

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