How to design pet-perfect interiors in 8 steps

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Whether you’re a cat- or a dog person (or prefer the company of fishes to humans… ), owning a pet does come with certain responsibilities. And no, we don’t just mean feeding them, but also modifying your interiors to help improve your pet’s new living space, health and happiness.

Let’s see what amendments you might want to consider to ensure your home becomes the perfect pet-friendly space.  

1. For pet-perfect interiors: Fur-free upholstery

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London Cue & Co of London Modern living room
Cue & Co of London

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London

Cue & Co of London

Fabrics like velvet, mohair, corduroy and chenille are basically magnets for pet hair. And others, like silk, are just too easily damageable. Avoid this stressful scenario by investing in proper textiles like leathers and synthetic fibres.

2. For pet-perfect interiors: No chewable furnishings

Contemporary house extension Artform Architects Modern houses
Artform Architects

Contemporary house extension

Artform Architects

Pet-proofing a home is not only about ensuring it’s safe for your new companion, but also keeping your valuables… well, valuable. So, with that in mind, avoid furniture with exposed wood, rattan, wicker, or sisal – unless you want to see what a growing puppy’s teeth and/or a cat’s claws can accomplish.

To keep enjoying good-as-new furnishings, stick to the metals and chrome. 

3. For pet-perfect interiors: Super-clean floors

​Kitchen at the Chelsea House Nash Baker Architects Ltd Classic style kitchen White
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Kitchen at the Chelsea House

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

We highly recommend flooring material that’s easy to clean and hard(er) to damage. That leaves laminate flooring, stone, and ceramic tiles as our best options – which also have the added advantage of keeping our pets cool in summer. 

But if you absolutely must have those beautiful hardwood floors and Fluffy, commit to harder woods like oak or mahogany, as well as cleaning up any puddles as fast as possible (hardwood floors love a good stain).

4. For pet-perfect interiors: Their own play space

Pets require their own space, especially when it comes to playing and releasing energy. So, to avoid your little creature annihilating your interiors, create a designated play space that’s easily accessible. Add some chew toys, pillows and blankets, for some extra functionality and style. 

homify hint: Try our range of professionals, like Interior Designers/Decorators, to see what ideas they have for a pet-friendly home. 

5. For pet-perfect interiors: A gleaming kitchen

No need to place your pets’ food bowls out in plain sight where anyone can trip over them. Keep your kitchen looking neat and hygienic by sliding them underneath the toe kick of your cabinetry, only bringing them out for feeding time.

And remember to keep that water dish around the corner (and available at all times) filled with fresh, clean water.  

6. For pet-perfect interiors: Check your walls

Your furry pet doesn’t even need to rub up against a highly-textured wall to attract its fur. And who needs extra cleaning work? 

Rather opt for satin or semi-gloss paint to avoid your beautiful walls flaunting fur. 

7. For pet-perfect interiors: A high-quality bed

To balance comfort and style, ensure your pet’s bed matches with the rest of the room’s décor (i.e. pairing a contemporary bed design with your modern-style interiors). And invest in top-quality materials to ensure your pet stays happy, healthy and nowhere near sleep deprived (they may just take their frustration out on your furnishings, metal or not).  

8. For pet-perfect interiors: Safe window treatments

Treat your pet to buckets of sunlight and exterior views by keeping your curtains open. If you have any blinds, pull them up so those curious cats don’t accidentally pull them down. And tie up any hanging strings as you don’t want your pet to accidentally become tangled.

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What other ideas can you think of for more pet-friendly interiors?

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