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Powerful Photographic Panels to Decorate the Interiors

Giuseppe Solinas—homify Giuseppe Solinas—homify
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In this Ideabook we will get to know the work of Sandro Santioli, a renowned Italian landscape and interior photographer, and the evocative pictures he shot in different places in the world, which are now turned into powerful decorative panels for residential and commercial interiors through canvas, plexiglas and aluminum framing structures. Urban fragments of both small Italian villages and megalopolises, natural and abstract scenarios, intriguing skylines and iconic architectures thus become photographic panels with a high artistic value, capable of enriching any type of space. These photographic decorative panels, that can be purchased on Sandro Santioli's dedicated e-commerce, bring about the gaze of a talented professional with more than 30 years of activity and a unique capability of capturing colours, textures and patterns of architecture and nature, composing them into exquisite images that are like windows opening up the interiors to new and diverse landscapes, stories, atmospheres. Let's now delve into the colourful and dynamic atmospheres narrated by Sandro Santioli, exploring some of his decorative panels dedicated to the interior design.

1. Burano, the view of an iconic Italian village

One of the most iconic Italian villages, Burano has been captured by Sandro Santioli in all the richness of its bright and bold colours, framed into a decorative panel that is going to open up the interiors to a typical Italian piazza. The colours are so vivid, the instant so perfectly captured that it seems almost possible to feel the air of Burano and to hear its voices coming out of this decorative panel.

2. Like an abstract painting

Millions of coloured bulbs compose the famous Dutch tulip fields: a chromatic show that every year animates Lisse's countryside and whose poetic mood is emphasised by the aerial perspective. This spectacular view captured by Santioli's camera, and then transferred on canvas, plexiglass or aluminum, has been framed by the eye of the photographer as if the landscape was an abstract painting to bring is vibrant textures directly into the interiors layout.

3. Cityscape's reflections

Textures and patterns are elements of cityscapes that almost get lost during the everyday experience of city life. The gaze of great photographers is able sometimes to capture such incredible compositions and the results can be outstanding, like in the case of this Santioli's picture, especially when reflecting surfaces conjure up such gorgeous patterns.

4. A mountain view

Mountains like the Italian Dolomites are so breathtakingly beautiful that is difficult to capture the richness of their natural powerful shapes, nuances, the immensity of the landscapes. Only the perfect choice of perspective, light and framing can create a picture like this one: balance, peace and power all in the same image.

5. The spirit of a city

Photography is an art-form that can capture in one shot the spirit of a whole city, telling a thousand stories in an image. The lives of its people and the architecture meet into an iconic composition that has the power to evoke so many different trajectories, transcending into something universal, as we can see in this shot of Montreal taken by Sandro Santioli.

6. A whole world in a picture

The peaceful, enchanting nuances of a sunset over the sea becomes a masterfully orchestrated image thanks to Santioli's ability in capturing not just a moment in time, but a whole world, with all its depth of colours, shapes, activities.

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