The Majorca holiday home in sunny Spain

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Carre de Sol, Palma 4D Studio Architects and Interior Designers Eclectic style living room
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London-based 4D Studio Architects and Interior Designers is known as an expert entity when it comes to premium architectural / interior design projects. With upmarket houses as its speciality, the award-winning 4D Studio is made up of experienced and passionate architects and interior designers committed to eye-catching style and satisfied clients, whether it’s the sprucing up of a living room or an entire renovation project. 

But this esteemed architectural firm isn’t exclusive to only London clients and projects. In fact, today’s inspirational piece comes all the way from Palma, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca (Majorca). Here is where 4D Studio Director Will Caradoc-Hodgkins has been finalising a number of projects, including this significantly large historic building that became one of the most treasured holiday homes ever…   

Project info

The jumping-off point for this project was an 1100 m² listed old merchant’s house featuring two courtyards. These spaces were restored and renovated for the client Coco Sage (interestingly, Will Caradoc-Hodgkins also deserves credit for Coco’s Fera restaurant). 

In the process, a rich collection of Roman artefacts were uncovered beneath the ground, as well as various 7th century Arab work on the inside of the structures. This resulted in quite the unique renovation, with 4D Studio carefully continuing their expert work while the Palma City Archaeologist recorded all the Roman- and Arab pieces. 

In addition, specialist restorers were brought in to help restore the painted ceilings (fresh from the 17th century) which were also uncovered during construction. 

The entire makeover of this project was implemented to include six bedrooms, staff accommodation, a new kitchen, a dining room, a breakfast room, media room, gym and swimming pool, as well as ancillary accommodation and off-street parking.

A secret oasis

Being the professionals that they are, 4D Studio knew very well the value and potential of these courtyards. Thus, with space seemingly becoming scarcer and scarcer these days, these hidden areas were not only kept but also freshened up to flaunt a more tranquil (and very welcoming) vibe.  

Note how the inclusion of plants and foliage helps to soften the look of the harsher stone, metal, glass, etc. 

Interior brilliance

What hardworking expat wouldn’t want to have their own private holiday home in Spain complete with spacious dining zones and all? Keeping the interior colour scheme consistent with light neutrals, this roomy dining area shows off its friendlier side via those colourful wall art pieces. 

A more formal affair

Now, when it's time to impress guests or keep the vibe formal, this spacious living room can be just the ticket. Notice that even though all the necessary furnishings are included (as well as a handful of accessories), this room still presents a very clean and neat look that nearly borders on minimalism. 

Comfort is no question

Visual splendour aside, these interiors also include a healthy dose of comfort. Case in point, these plush (and super welcoming) sofas, complete with scatter cushions and cushy floor rug, that's just waiting to up those relaxation levels.  

A dream-like bedroom

Don't think that the eye-catching style was just meant for the public spaces—even the private areas of this holiday home, like the bedrooms, flaunt a 5-star design.  

And thanks to the impressive area layout, there's adequate space for a few add-ons, like this bedroom's delicate little (yet super modern) seating area. 

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