10 best interior design ideas for bedrooms in 2020

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Belgravia Town House Stahovski Designs Small bedroom
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With the year slowly being on its way out (can we all agree that 2020 was NOT one for the record books?), we are starting to take stock of what we learned this year. Particularly with interior design ideas, as this is homify, after all!

And as we look back on the past few months, we find more and more bedroom design ideas that seemed to become trendier and trendier. Perhaps these ideas might even lead us into 2021? Who knows, right?

Indulge in these 10 bedroom design ideas and then decide which ones you will be trying out.

1. A subtle colour palette

You may have a thing for bright red for example, but think twice before adding it to your bedroom’s colour scheme. A relaxing vibe is the main mission, which is why soft and neutral colours (whites and off-whites, greys, browns and beiges… ) natural tones (sky blue, forest green… ) are key. 

2. Layered textures

Consider what materials and textures evoke a cosy ambience in you (and which ones fit the desired look and vibe of your bedroom), and then take it from there. Personally, we love the idea of mixing wool blankets with leather headboards and fuzzy floor rugs, but that’s just us.

homify hint: Bonus points if you already have textured walls in your bedroom! 

3. Enhanced natural light

Broad Walk Master Bedroom Roselind Wilson Design Modern style bedroom
Roselind Wilson Design

Broad Walk Master Bedroom

Roselind Wilson Design

Natural light is absolutely crucial in any space, so why would you not want to include a window or something that ushers in sunshine and fresh air? If possible, let your bedroom window bring in striking exterior views as well, like your beautifully trimmed garden or enticing swimming pool.  

4. Bold, eye-catching pieces

Master Bedroom Meltons Classic style bedroom

Master Bedroom


2020 saw numerous bedrooms experiment with boldly patterned curtains, bright wallpapers, and eye-catching artwork. Remember that your bedroom is a private space (unlike the more sociable living room or kitchen), which means you can get a tad more adventurous with your choice in furnishings and décor. 

For top-notch results, consider working with a professional Interior Designer/Decorator to make your dream bedroom a reality. 

5. Personalised artwork

Unique touches can make your own bedroom stand out from those beautifully designed ones we so often see in catalogues (but which sorely lack personality). Find artwork that inspire you (and enhance your bedroom design), but be sure to leave plenty of ‘breathing room’ around your paintings/sculptures/wall gallery to avoid a cluttered look. 

6. No clutter

Speaking of clutter, if you are serious about clearing up precious legroom, you will closely scrutinise every item in your bedroom, from books and magazines to wardrobe accessories and furniture. Then just keep the functional ones while leaving but a handful of decoratives behind -quite easy. 

7. Abstract prints

Southwold Coastal retreat Imperfect Interiors Classic style bedroom
Imperfect Interiors

Southwold Coastal retreat

Imperfect Interiors

Not that there’s anything wrong with a beautiful oil painting, but 2020 seems to favour more abstract prints. And not just for artwork, but also for bedding, linen, etc. Maybe it’s because it evokes a more modern/contemporary vibe. Or because those shapes, patterns and colours add a fifth dimension to the space. 

8. Monochrome magic

Folio Design | The Art House | Second Bedroom Folio Design Modern style bedroom
Folio Design

Folio Design | The Art House | Second Bedroom

Folio Design

The classic monochrome look proved that it’s absolutely timeless by showing up extensively in 2020’s bedroom designs. But don’t you dare deem monochrome as flat and boring, as it can encompass so much more than mere black and white. 

Remember you can always add some zest to your monochrome scheme via texture and patterns! 

9. Smart lighting

Single Ceiling Pendant Light GLABS In Chrome With Glass Shade Luxury Chandelier LTD Small bedroom Solid Wood White
Luxury Chandelier LTD

Single Ceiling Pendant Light GLABS In Chrome With Glass Shade

Luxury Chandelier LTD

Thanks to smart lighting designs, it is now possible to adjust your lights’ brightness and colour and help create the specific vibe you’re after. Remember that statement lighting pulls double duty: it illuminates your space while also boosting its décor/visual look. 

10. (Leaning) mirrors

Belgravia Town House Stahovski Designs Small bedroom
Stahovski Designs

Belgravia Town House

Stahovski Designs

No surprise that a mirror is considered important for a bedroom, but lately we have seen more and more oversized mirrors leaning against bedroom walls. The result? A room that’s brighter and seems so much larger than before. A real win-win situation, especially since leaning it against the wall is so much easier and quicker than hanging it, wouldn’t you agree?

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How many of these ideas will you be trying out in your bedroom design?

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