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Smart ways to utilize the little corners of your house

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Corridors, long but narrow living rooms and tight spaces are all a decorating headache if approached in the wrong way. Just choosing the wrong wall to put an accent colour on could shrink the space even more if you're not careful. Fortunately, we have some great advice to making those awkward spots seem much wider and far more usable.

It's all about creating the illusion of length so that the width becomes a distant memory. Come with us as we look at the long and lean items, the accessories and the colours that will help you expand your home!

1. Stow away your storage in skinny spots

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


Certain areas of the house feel like a natural choice for things such as coat and shoe racks but if they are narrow, navigating past a cacophony of jackets and bags can become a chore. Avoid this by integrating clever storage into your narrow spaces by hiding it. Your under stairs space is perfect for this!

2. Keep your furniture long and lean

E2 PAVILION ECO HOUSE, BLACKHEATH E2 Architecture + Interiors Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can't enjoy any beautiful furniture in a narrow space, as you can. Keep everything long and lean, like this gorgeous bookcase from E2 Architecture + Interiors, and your eyes will naturally be drinking in the length of the room instead of the width.

3. Don't let your design aspirations run(ner) away with you

Franklin Carmine Hall Runner Roger Oates Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Roger Oates Design

Franklin Carmine Hall Runner

Roger Oates Design

A stunning runner is a steadfast addition to many hallways but if yours is narrow, be sure to invest in a super skinny slither of carpet. This will naturally make the floor space seem wider and the areas as a whole, far bigger.

4. Ditch the deep and snuggle on slim

A deep sofa that is as slouchy and comfortable as a bed might sound amazing but in a narrow living room it will simply evaporate all the space. Opt for something longer and a little more slimline and you'll be shocked how much your room opens up. You can still cuddle on it!

5. Stop floor standing and start wall mounting

'Intrecci III' wall mounted bookcase by Santarossa homify Living roomStorage

'Intrecci III' wall mounted bookcase by Santarossa


Your walls are so often an untapped hive of potential when it comes to much needed storage so try to retrain your brain to naturally gravitate towards wall mounted bookcases and you'll be able to keep the floor clear and your area feeling far wider and more navigation-friendly.

6. Create an optical illusion with clever patterns

modern stair carpet runner in Victorian property Style Within Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Style Within

modern stair carpet runner in Victorian property

Style Within

We all know that longitudinal stripes flatter our figures and the same can be said for your narrow spaces. If you want to lengthen your room, simply choose full length, striped carpet. Or ,if you are keen to add width, opt for horizontal stripes. We think a bold colour scheme really helps with this so be brave!

7. Don't let those lights dangle down

Lighting a narrow space can seem tricky. You might think that something outlandish and eye-catching would distract from the dimensions of the room but we think that large pieces shrink the space even more. Recessed spotlights are a great choice as height and width seem to go hand-in-hand and you can trick your brain into seeing more space than there actually is.

8. Keep feature walls to the far end

Feature walls are fabulous but in a narrow space you need to be careful where you put them. Keep them to the furthest end possible and they will create a sense of length and distance. Be courageous when choosing an accent colour or pattern, so that it makes it worth the walk to see it up close!

9. Keep the traffic moving freely

The last thing any narrow space needs is to be hard to navigate so be sure to always keep walkways free and clear of debris. Even in a narrow bedroom you can create the illusion of more room just by picking up your clothes from the floor so you can move freely around the bed. You see? Your mother was right all along!

For extra small home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Use Space Cleverly In A Small Home.

Are you filled with inspiration to widen up a narrow spot in your home? Tell us which of these tips you fancy trying out!

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