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10 things to include in your new guest bedroom

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Receiving overnight guests means taking responsibility for their safety and needs. True, phrasing it like that takes some of the charm out of playing host, but you’ve got to think practical. Thus, the very first thing we’d recommend you do is try out your guest bedroom yourself. Is the bed comfy enough? Is the lighting too bright/dull?

Let’s answer these questions, and others, to help you style up a perfectly practical (and pretty) guest bedroom. 

1. Pick a palette

If you often receive overnight guests, stick to the neutral colours. Whites, creams, beiges and greys can make up a subtle-yet-stylish backdrop to make the additional colours (which will come in the form of décor and furnishings) stand out that much more. 

2. A comfortable bed

Since your guest(s) will probably want to get some peaceful shut eye, a comfortable bed is a must for your spare bedroom. The style of bed you’ll pick, however, will depend on the design style you’ve chosen for the space. Will that sleeping spot flaunt ornate designs and plush fabrics (classic, traditional, colonial… ) or a simple-yet-comfy design featuring no elaborate touches (modern, contemporary, rustic… )? 

3. Some seating space

The Precious Malachit Pixers Modern style bedroom Turquoise

The Precious Malachit


If you’ve got some extra legroom, we definitely advise adding a chair, bench, or even small ottoman for seating purposes. Ask any professional Interior Designer and they’re sure to agree: it just adds to the versatility and functionality of the space!

4. Layered lighting

Nickel chandelier ZOLA 6 lights with blue lamp shades Luxury Chandelier BedroomLighting Copper/Bronze/Brass Blue
Luxury Chandelier

Nickel chandelier ZOLA 6 lights with blue lamp shades

Luxury Chandelier

It’s crucial to provide a light control near the bed so your guests don’t need to stumble around in the dark. In addition to a bedside lamp (ideal for reading), we also advise adding an overhead fixture, and at least one other lighting source (like a floor lamp over in the opposite corner, or some stylish wall sconces near the mirror… ). 

5. A clean closet

Show flat in Ascot, UK Lujansphotography Modern style bedroom

Show flat in Ascot, UK


Don’t force your guests to live out of a suitcase. If you don’t have the budget for a new closet or wardrobe, an inexpensive over-the-door hook can help to hang up some shirts, pants, etc. 

6. Perfect privacy

Don’t rely solely on your beautiful garden trees to shield your guest bedroom from prying eyes. Decent and beautiful window coverings will also add to the character of the room via colours, textures, patterns, etc. 

7. A mirror

A full-length mirror in the spare bedroom scores you major points. This takes the pressure off your bathroom(s) and allows your guests to dress in comfort (and privacy) in their room. 

8. Enticing scents

Buckland Crescent Living in Space Bedroom
Living in Space

Buckland Crescent

Living in Space

You can use a fresh room spray or insert a scented candle. Or, better yet, you can find out about your guest’ favourite scent/flowers and then arrange to have a fresh bunch (in a stunning vase, obviously) added to the room. 

9. Toiletries

In addition to a fresh, clean towel (which you can elegantly roll or fold atop that neatly made bed), your guest will require some toiletries as well (like shampoo, soap, conditioner). Oh, and remember to include a box of tissues somewhere as well, like on the nightstand. 

10. Some reading options

Perfect for book worms (and night owls), a stack of books and/or magazines can put the finishing touch on your practical guest bedroom. Be sure to include varied options like short stories, travel books, puzzles and brain games (Sudoku, anyone?) interior-design magazines, classic novels, and even the latest newspaper. 

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