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12 clever space saving solutions for small bedrooms

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A small bedroom can be quite a tricky thing to contend with, especially if you have a lot of belongings to house. However, we think we've found some incredibly savvy techniques for making the most out of every available bit of space. You just need to think big even when you're living small.

From floating furniture to making everything just a little more multifunctional, we think you'll be appreciating your bijou bedroom in no time but don't just take our word for it, come take a look!

1. It'll be all white every night

A classic tip for making a small room feel bigger, a light colour scheme is no cliché. With light bouncing off every surface, a pale room will always feel far larger than one that is dark and brooding so maybe it's time to reach for the white paint?

2. Don't waste precious space on a bedside table

Showcase #1 Anne Linde BedroomBedside tables
Anne Linde

Showcase #1

Anne Linde

If you have a teeny tiny bedroom the last thing you need is to sacrifice more floor space for a bedside table. Instead, why not look for a wall mounted version? One like this from Anne Linde will allow you the luxury of extra storage room underneath. You don't want to lose your slippers so this is a great spot for them to live!

3. Go as small as you can

Left agustav BedroomBedside tables

A single shelf on your bedroom wall will make a great essentials storage zone. You can pop your alarm clock, keys and any other day-to-day necessities up there and never risk losing them under the bed.

4. Stack 'em high and wide

'Grey' Contemporary wall mounted bookcase by Morassutti homify Dining roomDressers & sideboards

'Grey' Contemporary wall mounted bookcase by Morassutti


We think wall-mounted bookshelves are a great idea for your small bedroom,but be sure to mount them as high up as you can so you can enjoy easy access to all areas of the room. If you have them spanning the full width of a wall they can make a great clothing storage alternative to bulkier items as well!

5. Don't be afraid to go in over your head(board)

The space above your headboard can be a precious commodity in a small bedroom so why not take advantage of it with some pretty shelves? We suggest storing light items up there just in case anything falls off as that would be a very rude awakening in the early hours!

6. Repurpose every spot

Deep window sills are fantastic bedside table alternatives and actually storing items on them can look beautiful. Why not also add a colourful vase so the morning sun fills the room with a pretty hue? 

7. Try a little minimalism

If you have very little spare space in your bedroom why try to make anything other than your bed fit in there at all? If you don't desperately need a bedside table don't have one. It's as simple as that! Minimalism can be a great ally in the fight against small rooms.

8. Your bed can become your office

Bedroom, bed, headboard and bedsides muto BedroomBeds & headboards

Bedroom, bed, headboard and bedsides


If you have a narrow room and you need to work from a computer, adding a shelf to the wall opposite the foot of your bed can allow you to turn your bedroom into an office by day and a sleeping zone by night. Simply perch on the edge of your bed and work away but try not to take too many naps.

9. It's a desk not just a dressing table

Appleby Oak Wide Laptop Desk The Cotswold Company BedroomDressing tables
The Cotswold Company

Appleby Oak Wide Laptop Desk

The Cotswold Company

If you need a little more support for your back and you have been able to accommodate a dressing table in your bedroom, perhaps you could double the functionality by also using it as a desk? Simply pack your toiletries away in the morning and get your laptop in place. Ta-da!

10. It's not dated if it's necessary

Ashford fitted bedroom furniture homify BedroomWardrobes & closets

Ashford fitted bedroom furniture


Necessity is the mother of invention so don't think that built-in cupboards are old hat in your bedroom. You can give them your own style and jazz them up. Plus, if you only install them above your bed it keeps everything looking sleek and modern. Don't forget, there isn't a rule that says you can't choose ultra stylish kitchen cupboards to go on the wall…

11. You don't need a wardrobe to explore a world of fun

Industrial Hall Stand - Reclaimed Wooden Drawer Unit with Coat Hanging Rail Above - Bespoke Urban Hallway, Foyer Furniture or Shop Fittings by www.inspiritdeco.com homify BedroomWardrobes & closets

Industrial Hall Stand—Reclaimed Wooden Drawer Unit with Coat Hanging Rail Above—Bespoke Urban Hallway, Foyer Furniture or Shop Fittings by www.inspiritdeco.com


Narnia might lay behind a wardrobe but in a small bedroom a bulky closet will only be hell. Look into space saving alternatives, such as this stylish and super cool clothes rail. You could even have a go at making something similar yourself and make sure it is the exact right size for an awkward corner that has been going to waste.

12. Be a little gentler with your textiles

Galloway Sheers Collection MYB Textiles Windows & doors Curtains & drapes
MYB Textiles

Galloway Sheers Collection

MYB Textiles

In a small room, heavy, bulky curtains are a sure-fire way to shrink the space even more. The trick to making a room feel larger and airy is to always have a great source of natural light pouring in so ditch the brocade and grab some gauzy, floaty fabrics!

For more small bedroom décor tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Ingenious Ideas For Decorating A Small Bedroom.

Are you planning to use any of these ideas to make your bedroom feel bigger? Tell us which ones appealed the most in the comments!

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