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11 stylish DIY hacks to beautify your bedroom

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Occipinti Cushions: eclectic  by Occipinti, Eclectic
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When money is tight but you are in desperate need of a change, why not embrace your inner Handy Andy and see what you can create at home? DIY isn't nearly as scary as it sounds if you go slow and do plenty of research before you start a new project. 

We've found some super cool and easy to complete bedroom DIY projects for you to take a stab at and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple yet effective they are. In one case, it's as easy as putting on the washing machine. You see? We told you this would be easy!

1. Make your closet a colossal style success

eve spencer - Maple: classic  by eve spencer, Classic
eve spencer

eve spencer—Maple

eve spencer

Wardrobes can take up such a huge amount of space and, unless they're gorgeous, that can be a problem, aesthetically speaking.

Why not think about transforming your closet simply and easily by decorating the doors? We think that funky wallpaper, such as this selection from Eve Spencer, could be a great option!

2. You have to dye to get to bed heaven

Winter Autumn 2014 by The Linen Works
The Linen Works

Winter Autumn 2014

The Linen Works

Taking plain white, boring bedding and dying it is a great way to make sure that your room feels more exciting and uplifted. This is especially true if you can never quite find what you're after.

If you're feeling adventurous you could even have a go at tie dye but we think this simple medley of blues is a fabulous starter project as you can complete this with washing machine dye.

3. Frame your favourite people fabulously

Having pictures of family and friends in your bedroom is a lovely way to keep the people you love the most close to you but don't they deserve something a little more special than a bog standard, plain picture frame? You can jazz up an understated item by simply glueing vintage buttons and trinkets to the outside!

4. Your jewellery is gorgeous so display it like art

rustic  by homify, Rustic

Iron and Wooden Triple Hook


Jewellery boxes might come in handy but they make a terrific job of knotting up all your favourite necklaces and bracelets, don't they?

You can prevent this and add a little extra pizazz to your bedroom by opting to hang certain items from coat hooks mounted on the wall. So simple but effective!

5. Get your shabby chic on

It's a trend that is here to stay and, thanks to being so simple, it's one that we know you'll love to try your hand at.

A perfect finish is not required when shabby chic-ing so why not take your slightly boring dressing table to task? You could reupholster your chair base as well, just to really zing up the area!

6. Personalise your flatpack treasures

We've probably all got some standard flat-pack furniture items in our home but the latest trend is to hack them and turn them into something a little more unique.

We think that painted chests of drawers, such as this one, make a huge impact on a stale bedroom and the sky's the limit as to what you paint!

7. Accessorise your accessories

We love adding new and individual touches to shop bought accessories so why not think about dip dying some cushions or maybe adding a fun trim around the edge? Not only will this liven them up, it will also make them one of a kind and there's nothing dull about that.

8. Create a wonderland of colour in your wardrobe

minimalist  by Insilvis Divergent Thinking, Minimalist
Insilvis Divergent Thinking

SUNCHARIOT 2, coat hangers holder

Insilvis Divergent Thinking

A super quick and easy project, we think this is also one of the most effective.

Take your coat hangers and dip the curved top section into some paint. Hang upside down and leave to dry while you do the rest in a myriad of different colours. Suddenly, even your hangers are fashionable and your wardrobe will look magical.

9. Try your hand at a little colourblocking

Upcycled cable reel clocks: industrial  by Frances Bradley, Industrial
Frances Bradley

Upcycled cable reel clocks

Frances Bradley

If you have plain items already in your bedroom, such as wall clocks, why not grab them, take them outside and give them a splash of colour?

We think sharp, defined sections of colour work super well and you'll be bang on trend as colourblocking is so in right now!

10. Dig out the sewing machine and whip up a slip

Paradise Parrot Cushion: eclectic  by Occipinti, Eclectic

Paradise Parrot Cushion


A slip on cover is a super simple and quick project to complete on a working sewing machine so why not take any old cushions, pillows or even chairs to task and make something new to pop on them? If you are replacing an existing cover you can unpick it and use it as a template. Simple!

11. Get a handle on changing all of your knobs

Beau Rose A Stunning set of 20 mixed cupboard door knobs: eclectic  by These Please Ltd, Eclectic
These Please Ltd

Beau Rose A Stunning set of 20 mixed cupboard door knobs

These Please Ltd

Cupboards, drawers and doors can all be invigorated by just having new knobs added to them and we think that with the huge variety on offer right now, you'd be silly not to at least consider this fast but effective fix. We can't deny that porcelain polka dot handles are really calling to us!

For more DIY inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 Simple Steps To Make Your Own Fabric Wallpaper.

Are you feeling ready to give some DIY a go? Which of these projects would you most like to tackle? Let us know in the comments!
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