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The 10 interior design trends to copy for 2021

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Bedroom Pixers Rustic style bedroom Black
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We will probably (and hopefully) never have to spend as much time indoors ever again as we did in 2020. But even though lockdown forces us to stay home, it also affords us the opportunity to really scrutinise our living situations and maybe dream up new colour palettes, finally decide what to do with that extra indoor space, etc.

And trust us when we say that both homeowners and professionals (like Interior Designers/Decorators) worldwide have collected a fair share of tips and ideas for 2020’s interior design trends.

Like these…  

1. Updated home offices

The Rainforest Pixers Colonial style study/office Multicolored

The Rainforest


The working-from-home movement has resulted in just about everybody re-evaluating their living/working spaces. And it would seem working from home is going to be a long-lasting norm. 

Thus, if you feel your home doesn’t possess the required space for a home office or study, look towards another room (maybe in your hallway or under the stairs). And remember that L-shaped desks and room dividers can greatly help differentiate between your working-, living-, and relaxing zones. 

2. Winter balconies

Pre 2020, a balcony or garden was known as a “nice to have”. Nowadays, these exterior spaces are much more coveted, resulting in numerous homeowners trying out different ways to increase their home’s exterior areas – from adding extensions and building swimming pools to simply widening an existing terrace. 

3. Sustainable furnishings

Terrace TG Studio Mediterranean style balcony, veranda & terrace
TG Studio


TG Studio

To help lessen our carbon footprint, more and more of us are opting for sustainable and/or upcycled furnishings and décor. But if you’re struggling to obtain sustainable furniture, remember that you can still embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle by opting for goods that you can transport between properties (such as blinds for windows) as opposed to purchasing new ones.  

4. Dried flowers

Spring Flowers Pixers Rustic style bedroom Black

Spring Flowers


Did you know that the search for ‘dried flowers’ saw a 186.87% increase in 2020? And luckily, drying flowers doesn’t have to be tricky: simply remove the leaves, tie your flowers into a bouquet and hang it upside down from a hanger or wire in a cool and dry space for about three to four weeks. 

5. Home-grown veggies

East Dulwich Industrial Conversion Imperfect Interiors Industrial style garden
Imperfect Interiors

East Dulwich Industrial Conversion

Imperfect Interiors

With growing your own vegetables climbing by 159.75% this year, we expect to see many more private vegetable gardens come 2021. But since when is planting and growing your own food a bad thing? 

6. Nordic-style interiors

With so many of us spending more and more time at home, it’s no wonder we’ve begun craving more cleaner and neutral colour palettes (apparently neutral colours help to increase the brain’s serotonin levels to aid in mood boosts). In addition, people are also seeking more clean lines and functional pieces than a year ago, which only helps the Scandinavian interior design style become that much more popular. 

7. Sorbet colours

The Trinity Blue Kitchen by deVOL deVOL Kitchens Scandinavian style kitchen Blue
deVOL Kitchens

The Trinity Blue Kitchen by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

But good news if you can’t bear to look at one more beige wall: 2021’s trendy colours are much brighter than a year ago. Soft and subtle pastel colours are making a comeback, with tranquil tints like muted mint, dusky pink, pale lemon, and frosted lilac dominating more interior spaces than your usual whites, browns and greys. 

8. Walls with texture

As texture is vital in interior design (it impacts both touch and sensation), 2020 has resulted in more natural materials being brought indoors. So, don’t be surprised to see more stone walls (and wooden ceiling beams, and marble countertops… ) this year, as well as the next! 

9. Minimalist art

Coach House Residence - Dining Room Sandra Flashman Studio Minimalist dining room
Sandra Flashman Studio

Coach House Residence—Dining Room

Sandra Flashman Studio

Calmer interiors are the norm at the moment, which means a bigger commitment to a less-is-more look. Thus, clutter becomes even more of a no-no in 2021, while simple pieces (especially line art, black-and-white photography, and minimalist-style wallpapers) are finally getting the style attention they deserve. 

10. Statement pieces

Gold Versace with gold finishes of lighting collection Luxury Chandelier Mediterranean style dining room Copper/Bronze/Brass Amber/Gold
Luxury Chandelier

Gold Versace with gold finishes of lighting collection

Luxury Chandelier

Forget the cookie-cutter look in 2021. Opt to get yourself a “one-of-a-kind” statement piece to bring indoors. Anything from oversized wall art and unique lighting to a vintage wingback chair can suffice – it all depends on your chosen interior style, plus your available space. 

And if buying something new is just too tricky right now, rather repurpose an existing piece (like painting a side table or re-upholstering a sofa). 

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