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Garden floral inspirations from landscaper expert

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Residential Development, West Yorkshire Wildblood Macdonald Eclectic style garden
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You don't have to be a member of the Royal Horticultural Societyexpert landscaper or attend Kew every year to be able to appreciate a well tended and beautiful garden. In fact, it's often something as simple as liking a garden that will make you stop and think about updating yours.

We thought we'd show you 14 of the most gorgeous gardens we've discovered on our journey through Ideabook land, so why not have a wander with us and see which inspire you the most? 

You can't really call just a well mowed lawn a garden so a little floral inspiration can't be a bad thing, can it? 

1. A quiet courtyard away from the hustle and bustle

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden homify Modern garden

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


A garden doesn't have to be big in size to make a huge and lasting impression as this divine little courtyard shows. The bench seating looks cute as a button and there's just enough greenery to distract from the urban setting.

2. Great for socialising in the summer

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

Not all gardens have to be a voracious display of green. Some of them are more defined by the social potential that they offer, like this amazing Moroccan themed spot.

3. Through the looking glass in this garden

We love how whimsical this garden is and think the idea of hanging mirrors and pictures on thick hedges is fantastic. So much fun for kids too!

4. A rainbow of colour for all to enjoy

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

Pink and cream seat cushions, plum coloured planters and purple garden screens all make this outdoor area not only unusual but wonderfully eye-catching. 

Perfect if you don't want to maintain a lawn!

5. Narrow but nice for when space is short

Running alongside the house and inside a perimeter wall, this lovely garden shows how much potential any home can have for a little green space. 

The plants certainly don't look to be suffering.

6. The art of Zen mastered

Japanese Style Garden Unique Landscapes Asian style garden
Unique Landscapes

Japanese Style Garden

Unique Landscapes

Raked gravel and compact growing shrubs and trees make this an easy to maintain delight. With some added spirituality also in place in the form of a Buddha sculpture, it's one of our firm favourite garden spaces.

7. A sweet little summerhouse for English garden fun homify Country style garden


With the rest of the garden centred around the pond it's a lovely little burst of colour that lifts the look of the space. The summerhouse is not only practical but fun and pretty. 

Aesthetics and functionality all in one.

8. To the manor born with some traditional hedging

We couldn't do a glorious gardens Ideabook and not include something a little more stately and traditional, could we? Fabulously manicured box hedges, subtle topiary and a regal water fountain really set the tone.

9. Modern art meets the outside world

A Modern Garden with Traditional Materials Yorkshire Gardens Modern garden
Yorkshire Gardens

A Modern Garden with Traditional Materials

Yorkshire Gardens

Why keep your art locked inside the house when your garden can be a striking installation all of its own? 

The sharp angles and linear path make for a wonderful contrast and adding in a garden sculpture and some seemingly random bushes really makes you stop, admire and think.

10. Little house with a big prairie garden

A wild garden in Washington State USA Bowles & Wyer Modern garden
Bowles & Wyer

A wild garden in Washington State USA

Bowles & Wyer

Spiky grass and rustic garden walls are giving this space a real wild west feel and we love the organic nature. There's nothing contrived about this garden and it looks perfect with the main house. 

11. Up on the roof and overlooking the city

You may have thought that only country gardens with countless acres full of perfectly planted flowers could qualify for this article but we're looking for the best examples of people working with what they've got. 

This roof garden terrace is a revelation and all the white flowers finish it perfectly.

12. A garden that's premiere worthy

Chelsea Creek - copyright St George Plc Aralia Modern garden Iron/Steel Grey

Chelsea Creek—copyright St George Plc


Cosy seating, privacy hedging, an open fire and a big television screen make this the ultimate garden for tech-savvy show-offs. You can't help but like it a bit though, can you?

13. Holistic and heavenly in the countryside

Holistic gardens are fast becoming a sought after addition to houses in the UK, with edible plants, beautifully scented blooms and tactile organic elements all offering a new form of relaxation. 

We'd love to grow more plants that help with our rest, such as Lavender, so this example is really inspiring!

14. Nature always finds a way

Porthcothan Responsive Home Innes Architects Modern garden
Innes Architects

Porthcothan Responsive Home

Innes Architects

When you leave your garden up to chance beautiful things happen. 

Wild flowers naturally attract more wildlife, your space will be filled with local blooms suited to your soil and atmosphere and you get all the joy of a stunning space, like this one, with minimal effort.

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 21 Cracking Garden Ideas That Won't Cost You Much.

Which of these gardens was your favourite? 

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