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Country cottage is a look that appeals on so many levels. It makes us think of a time when life was slower and we had more time. Lovely patterns filled every room and everything felt homely. Well, there is no reason we can't incorporate that look into a more modern home.

There are lots of ways we can give our homes that feel—from how we decorate, to the furniture we select. Furniture plays such a key part in our homes and how they look. We have selected some peices of furniture that we feel would fit well in any country cottage or just help give our homes that cottage appeal.

Contemporary country

We love this duck egg blue oak island in this kitchen. Wood just says country cottage when we think of all that embodies that look. This island is elegant and stylish and would look perfect in any country kitchen. It would also add that touch of country in a modern kitchen, making it very flexible as a piece of furniture. Not to mention that it has four good sized shelves, two drawers and two cupboards for lots of storage.

Perfect combination

This lovely duo are made by The Cotswold Company and make a fabulous pair. The island has a look of shabby or distressed about it that makes it look worn in and well used. It is paired perfectly with the unit behind it, and between the two pieces of furniture, we feel they could transform any kitchen into a country room. Of course there is always the option of selecting one, depending on the space you have available. The good news is that the company do a large variety of country cottage furniture, so there are lots of options to choose from.

Feeling vain?

Do you want to give your bedroom that country feel? The Chantilly white dresser is beautiful. It has all the features of country furniture in it's design. The light colour, the chunky legs and the overall solid feel, give it that sense of country chic. A lovely small vanity table that could tuck away in the smallest of bedrooms, mean it is perfect to inject a little fun into your room. The three drawers are small, but perfect for any makeup and jewellery to be stowed away safely and out of sight. The matching stool tucks underneath it too, giving even more space when it isn't in use.

Bedside table

Wood doesn't have to be lightly painted to give the country cottage appeal. We love this five drawer bedside table because of it's natural wood look. It matches the bed delightfully and it actually could work in many rooms, not just the bedroom. It looks rustic and most definitely has a country feel to it.


Country is a word that evokes a lot of different images. We do think of cottage and farmhouse, and we think these two pieces of furniture would look good in both. Perfect for a living room or the kitchen, these two ivory coloured units are lovely to look at. With baskets as storage, they fit the country look wonderfully well. They are perfect for storing absolutely anything and we just love the look of the contrasting wicker baskets and the light wood. They offer something different to conventional drawers.

Chunky cottage

We think this image says all there is to say about 'country'. The wallpaper, the sofa, the carpet and especially the table. It is the epitome of chunky and handmade, which is again something we associate with the whole look. It feels very wholesome and sturdy, which is what we feel the design embodies. It is a low down table, perfect for books, magazines and obviously coffee and cake.

Matching pair

As we said before, getting that country feel doesn't necessarily mean you have to go all floral and with heavy patterns. We selected these chairs just to show how contemporary country can be. The lines are modern, nut give a slight feel of checked without all of the heavy colour. The shape of the chairs is slightly older fashioned too, but the light colours are modern. If you want to achieve a subtle country feel, these chairs would be an excellent addition.


Cottage country design isn't all about the chunky look of handmade furniture or the shabby chic kitchen wear. Country can also mean elegance and a sense of opulence. This living room set of tables are exactly that. The dark would contrasts the light furniture and decor beautifully. We just feel looking at this image, that you are instantly in the country, the beams in the ceiling make us think cottage too. This look can easily be achieved with the right furniture combination.

Dining in country style

Dining in country stye needn't mean a massive dining table in a country manor. We love this small county table that could sit in a small dining room or in a country kitchen. The classic combination of mixing natural wood with painted wood has become something we associate with country. It is also sympathetic to any decor, so would go in any setting. The addition of the tie on cushions is a simple way to give it more of a country feel and it adds a lovely splash of colour.

Country conservatory

If you don't want to dine in your kitchen and are lucky enough to have a conservatory, we feel this dining table is dressed to impress. The intricate detailing on this furniture gives it a unique appeal that we think looks stunning. It is still very much in keeping with the country look, but shows something a little different than we have seen so far. The flowers coupled with the lovely blue crockery really help bring the whole table to life. We also think it would look brilliant in a country garden.

Which piece of country cottage furniture would look best in your home? Let us know in the comments, below.

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