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The thought of a kitchen with little storage isn't really appealing, is it? However, sometimes space is really limited, meaning our options can be too, or can they? We think there are crafty ways to expand on the space you already have or make the most of space you never knew existed.

The sheer joy of design is that it can achieve (almost) anything. We have found some of the best design solutions that offer you extra storage. From clever cupboards to unique-looking kitchen spaces that help optimise storage. There are a lot of different options available to us, many we never even knew existed! Check out our kitchen storage ideas below!

Kitchen storage ideas: clever cupboard

A very clever cupboard is really the way forward when space is limited. This lovely design by Maple Gray shows how to utilise a space to its fullest. Sitting directly on the worktop, the doors just slide neatly to the side, again saving space. Using the countertop as the base of the shelf doesn't waste any space at all and helps hide away any clutter too. The design is beautiful and unique and we love it as a storage solution.

Hide and sleek kitchen storage solutions

This is one of the best space saving cupboards we have seen. It is incredibly clever and practical. If space is limited, then this offers the perfect storage solution to any kitchen. No matter how small the space you have is, this can be designed to fit it. It pulls outwards towards us and gives deep storage. The thing we also like about this design is that you can see everything. No more scraping around at the back of the cupboards for the five spice. You can clearly see everything you have right here, as it offers a much more organised solution.

Circular cupboards

Cupboards always make us think of rectangular, and possibly square shapes, but never circle!  This is why we have included these, because the look magnificent. They offer something just a little bit quirky and colourful. The clever design of these cupboards doesn't only offer a fabulous look, they are very practical too. Placed at either end of a shelf, the larger one also has a wine rack incorporated into it, which will please many chefs amongst us. Perfect for spices or crockery, these cupboards will add a focal point to your kitchen.

Minimal fuss kitchen storage ideas

Minimalist is certainly the design here. Everything in this kitchen can be closed away with the simple pull of a shutter. We thought this cupboard effect was really good and liked how the kitchen could, essentially, all be hidden away. It is a very clever storage solution for those who don't like the look of clutter, or just have limited space and want to hide the kitchen away to create a bigger looking space.

Use all available space

We genuinely believe that you can create storage out of any space. If you have an older style kitchen, it may well have an old fireplace that sits unused. If so why not give this a try? Create a cupboard out of the space and use it to your advantage. This open design is lovely and rustic looking, but there is always the option to add a door to hide items away and it won't cost a huge amount either. This is a really cost effective way to get more storage out of a current space.

Modern pantry storage solutions

As a step away from the rustic, this modern kitchen is a great place to start. With it's sleek lines, contemporary looking worktops and modern appliances, it does look stunning. It isn't exactly lacking in cupboard storage, but is clearly a family home, meaning storage is always needed. We can clearly see this floor to ceiling cupboard at the end of the kitchen and it looks like an incredible storage solution. There is no room for a walk in pantry, so this seems like a good compromise.

Island of cupboards

If space isn't a problem, an island is always a great solution. It can be a great place for preparation, as well as storage. The idea is that it can offer extra storage, or it can negate the need for any cupboards on the walls at all, depending on how we want our final kitchen to look. This island is brilliant in terms of cupboard storage. It even has a fridge hidden in it. With cupboards all the way round it, there is no need to mount any on the wall, but the option is always there as a way to expand on storage.

Modular kitchen storage

This kitchen is quite special. The structure is made of stainless steel and the doors of brushed steel, giving it an incredibly industrial feel. The look is broken up with some cupboard doors being made of walnut. We think this is a cool looking kitchen—that can be made bigger or smaller to fit any space. It is entirely modular, meaning it can be dismantled easily, and is completely recyclable. It means if you move, you can take your kitchen cupboards with you.

Traditional look storage ideas

If you want something a little less modern and more traditional, then this cupboard is something that may appeal. Mixing wood and glass, it is incredibly light and easy on the eye. With the cupboard space in the central area and shelves at either side, it offers some visual texture to the kitchen. Not to mention the fact that it makes good use of this corner space. The sheleves and cupboard go quite high up, giving even more storage.

Deep storage ideas

Incredibly, this is like three cupboards in one. With very clever design, you get to see everything you have very clearly right in front of you. The contents just unfold before you as you open the doors. No more wondering what items you have, or climbing up onto the side to see what is in the back of the tall cupboards. This is a wonderful space saving cupboard that is a brilliant kitchen storage solution.

Would any of these storage solutions help organise your kitchen? Let us know in the comments, below.

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