8 interior lighting tips for 2021

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The Cricketers Folio Design Modern style bedroom
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We simply can’t let this year get away from us without resorting to (and then sharing) some good intentions and proper planning. And with that in mind, and the fact that 2021’s design trends are already arising, we decided to help brighten up the forthcoming year with some interior lighting tips (provided by some top-notch Lighting Designers). 

Let’s see how literally any room in your home can enjoy a more pronounced and welcoming ambience in 2021 (or sooner)…

1. Always remember natural light

Whichever room you decide to (re)design, consider daylight. This could influence the need for window treatment, such as switching from blinds to drapes to better control the light.

And remember that that the soft glow of candles and hearths are sure to add a welcoming ambience to any interior. 

2. Be clever with energy usage

Nightingale Triangle Clara Bee Modern kitchen
Clara Bee

Nightingale Triangle

Clara Bee

Why not impact your electricity bill in a more positive way by switching to LED lights? They outlast other types of bulbs, are much more energy efficient, are available in a wide range of colours and colour temperatures… need we continue? 

3. Consider various types of lighting

Exclusive chandelier with gold finish and gold Versace lamp shades decorated by Swarovski Crystals Luxury Chandelier LTD Classic style living room Copper/Bronze/Brass Amber/Gold
Luxury Chandelier LTD

Exclusive chandelier with gold finish and gold Versace lamp shades decorated by Swarovski Crystals

Luxury Chandelier LTD

While you’re switching to other bulbs, consider alternating the types of fixtures in your room/home. It’s the easiest way to include layered lighting in your final design. Common examples are:

• Ceiling-mounted fixtures: chandeliers, recessed can lights, track lights, pendants.

• Portable: table lamps, floor lamps, torchères. 

• Wall-mounted fixtures: Sconces, cove lights.  

4. Set the mood

Folio Design | The Cricketers | Master Bedroom Folio Design Modern style bedroom
Folio Design

Folio Design | The Cricketers | Master Bedroom

Folio Design

Speaking of layered lighting, score full marks by including all three lighting levels:

• Accent lighting: Mostly for visual style and includes up lights or spot lights highlighting furnishings and décor. 

• General ambient lighting: Intended to illuminate an entire room instead of select spots and can include chandeliers, table/floor lamps, and wall-mounted fixtures. 

• Task lighting: Aimed at reading/working spaces and includes table lamps, under-cabinet designs, and pendants. 

5. Consider the room and its uses

Certain lights fit certain rooms. Kitchens, for instance, call for bright general illumination plus task lighting. Living rooms, on the other hand, require reading lamps as well as low-level lighting to avoid TV glare. And mounting fixtures above or on both sides of a mirror is the best way to brighten up your bathroom while minimising shadows.  

6. Ever heard of triangle patterns?

To make lighting design easier, use the triangle pattern when lighting a room. For a living room, consider placing a lamp on a console table behind a sofa, another on the end table near a loveseat, and a floor lamp by the reading chair. And for a bedroom, your two nightstand lamps can easily balance with an overhead ceiling light or a wall sconce. 

7. Give in to dimmer switches

Equoator crystal pendants The Lighting Store Living roomLighting
The Lighting Store

Equoator crystal pendants

The Lighting Store

A dimmer switch allows you to fine-tune the brightness levels while also conserving energy and extending your bulb’s life. Plus, why would you not relish the opportunity to set the room’s mood so easily? 

8. Try a subtle-yet-stylish look

Chesilton Road, Fulham, SW6 APT Renovation Ltd Modern bathroom
APT Renovation Ltd

Chesilton Road, Fulham, SW6

APT Renovation Ltd

Recessed lights can be a fantastic option, especially if there’s limited head room. They are also popular with modern/contemporary/minimalist spaces, as they are low-profile and quickly become integrated into the ceiling for an even cleaner look. Feel free to spread a few around the ceiling for full room illumination!

Now, for some exterior dazzle, let’s tackle 8 garden lighting ideas to shine up your outdoors.

How will you be styling your home’s lighting in 2021 (or sooner)?

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