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Before and After: Swish Transformation for an Old Flat

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Imagine taking a look at an unloved terrace and thinking that you could put it to much better use. Now try to imagine putting that plan into action. It's not as easy as it could sound, is it? It can be, if you have La Pecera Studio as your design team.

Taking on a huge project, they have made the process of transforming an abandoned terrace and turning it into part of a dream contemporary home look as easy as pie and we are floored by the results. Using their skills to filter their keen design eyes through to other key parts of the house, what follows is a fabulously cohesive and almost totally renovated home and we think you'll be seriously impressed!

Before: You need a lot of imagination

If this was the scene that greeted you when you walked out onto your roof, what would you think? Would you be inspired to dream up a new concept or would you try to ignore the ugly problem and hope that it disappeared on its own? 

Though in a sorry state to begin with, the sheer size of this terrace is, if nothing else, a great starting point for some renovation inspiration but what it became is amazing!

After: Mission possible

We think you'll agree that this is nothing short of a miraculous transformation, with all the shabby block work now just a thing of the past. While many teams may have simply tidied up the terrace to be a usable spot, the team here went the extra mile.

In place of the former dilapidated roof area now stands a blend of indoor and outdoor space that feels luxurious and natural. The use of similarly toned wood in both areas really helps to tie them together and makes for a natural transition between the two. Wow!

Before: Basic white bathroom

What is there to say about this space other than the fact that it is exceptionally basic and comes across a little sterile and cold? The ice blue walls and white tiles really do nothing to welcome you inside and the industrial storage cabinet makes things even worse.

Despite the unfortunate décor there is a lot of natural light pouring into this room and, with a less cluttered design scheme, we can imagine it becoming a far more beautiful spot. We hope.

After: Perfect in purple

What a huge difference an accent colour and simpler styling has made to this bathroom! No longer cluttered, this room now feels calm, relaxed and far more at ease with itself. It also makes for a far better companion to the newly renovated terrace. 

Keeping the bulk of the room white has allowed the space to grow exponentially but it's that slice of vibrant purple that brings contemporary design into play. Rich colours seem to be the order of the day in this home!

Before: Unhappy and uninspiring

As kitchens go this is a little more than just a bit depressing, don't you think? There is just no consistency or defined style so the result is a disjointed and dismal room with little going for it. Even the cooker is outdated and the sink looks far from stainless.

Again, we can see a good amount of natural light pouring in so there is potential, with the right décor, for this room to be turned on its head. The question is, was it?

After: Statement surfaces

Another newly decorated room and another rich accent colour is brought into play. We're really enjoying the sudden flashes of bright colour everywhere in this house and here we think a raspberry/mahogany coloured worktop looks superb.

The glass petition sectioning the kitchen off from the rest of the house looks great and reiterates that this is now a chic, contemporary dwelling. With an integrated hob in place, the tatty old cooker is now just a distant memory!

For more beautiful home transformations, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and After: The Incredible Restored Villa.

Did the change surprise you? What would you have done if this was your home? We're interested to hear your ideas in the comments!

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