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Ham Nghi Street is now Le Hong Phong Street. [30] At the beginning of the 20th century, although it lost the role of an important port town, trading activities in Hoi An never ended and this place is still the town and capital of Quang Nam province. [96] In the central hut there is a card containing the card

When selling, the noodles are bare, the price is poured into the bowl and add slices of minced meat or bacon, pour fat cloves, add one ready-fried pork fat spoon in the side oven touring experience in Da Nang Hoi An In addition, the city also receives more people from the provinces. , become a student, worker, foreigner. Lien Chieu University of Da Nang Public UFL Foreign Language University 1985 Q

Da Nang is also the place where the Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG) undersea cable line comes ashore running through Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are capable of providing bandwidth up to 54 Tbps. 24 tons) [139] with the largest indoor entertainment area Fantasy Park in Southeast Asia and the largest French village in Vietnam, each day Sun World Ba Na Hills serves more than 30. [41] Toilet and the courtyard is a space divided vertically in two parts, with an independent structure from the front house and the back house, with a transition function

[43] Besides the common 3 main buildings x 3 compartments, a few other houses have main house larger or narrower, type 3 x 2 or 3 x 5 compartments. The French later, at the end of the nineteenth century, relied on the material of the rocky mountains to name the landscape "Les montagnes de marbre" (Marble Mountains). [185] Main article: List of high schools in Da Nang Vocational Education Da Nang has 64 vocational education institutions, including: 20 colleges, 6 intermediate schools, 11 secondary schools vocational education center and 27 other institutions registered for vocational education activities

At the beginning of 2013, because the upstream hydropower projects did not discharge water to the delta or lowland areas. causing the people of Da Nang to face a lack of water for drinking and irrigation for crops. [40] This special feature is a very important feature of Hoi An townhouses, although there are sometimes cases where the altar faces the road. [14] Dutch captain Delft Haven recorded in 1651, Hoi An at that time had about 60 Japanese houses along the riverbank, houses built of stone to avoid fire, lying close together

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