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Covered Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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3 Accommodation and Tourism Services 11. Step over twenty stone steps to enter the main hall entrance. Infrastructure at the station is modernly invested; Safety and hygiene are ensured

The total surface area of the archipelago is about 10 km², of which Phu Lam island occupies the largest area (Vietnamese source: about 1.5 km², Chinese sources: 2.1 km² [23]). The Vietnamese government also has a plan to build a National Innovation Center and a National Start-up Urban Area in Da Nang High-Tech Park. [72] Of the five assembly halls in Hoi An, Fujian is the largest, located at 46 Tran Phu street

Many temples here date back to early establishment, but most of the The original structure has been changed, even eroded through the changes of history and restoration times. jpeg Danang Hospital is the largest general hospital and is a grade I terminal hospital of Da Nang city, responsible for recruiting and treating people in 19 central provinces - Central Highlands. VND 712 billion, up 2.84% compared to 2018

The Vietnamese residents who came to live in this area have received and modified elements of Cham culture to integrate into Vietnamese culture. services in the tour Da Nang Hoi An In recent years, Danang has created its own festivals New like the boat racing festival held on the National Day of September 2 every year on the Han River. In contrast, most toilets were roofed in a four-roof style

[47] [48] Đại Việt In the second half of the tenth century, the kings of the Indrapura dynasty clashed with Đại Việt. . In folk thought, plagues were brought by evil natural forces, so everyone in the village, without exception, participated in the festival. The Golden Turtle took off his pedicure and gave it to the old man and showed how to protect the dragon eggs

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