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Afternoon Tour to Da Nang Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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[9] Another characteristic that can be seen is that the Hoi An area does not have traces of the early and middle period, [10] but the land here once existed and had a brilliant development. Late Sa Huynh culture. [1] Da Nang is a tier 2 city, similar to that of the Cholon city that was established earlier. This work is usually done by the elderly people, by the term they elect a sacrifice and villagers contribute funds, participate in cleaning, decorate the temple

[228 ] Festivals The traditional festivals of Da Nang have been around for a long time and have been handed down from generation to generation. Ngu Hanh Son in Da Nang From the marble in Ngu Hanh Son, the craftsman work of exquisite works. It is a variation of the ancient Cham word "Da nak", translated as "great estuary"

Tho Son Tho Son is a mountain located in the north of Kim Son and west of Thuy Son. [81] The city's population increased rapidly; In 1936, Da Nang had 25. Like in Thien Nam, the four-way map of the map was written by Do Ba Cong Dao, from Dao Phu, Nghe An, in the year of the Tiger (1686), drawing the way from Thang Long to Chiem Thanh. all have "Non Nuoc Son with three peaks" in Nôm

The most famous of the millennium. The pagoda has 3 gates and according to Buddhist culture, the main gate is for monks to go, the left gate is for female passersby, the left gate is for male passersby. From the school year 2013-2014, the City People's Committee issued a written regulation that by 2015-2016, primary schools must have 100% of students study twice a day, if capable of accepting students. offline

Dak means water, nan or hot, ie Ianut means wide. Hospital C Danang - Ministry of Health Hospital C Danang. The city's medical system is more and more modern, complete and synchronous from the city level to the district, district and commune, ward, and the prestige of a number of hospitals has been improved, and patients in the region are Central Central Highlands trust

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