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[206] Out of six urban districts, only Son Tra district has been invested in building gyms, Ngu Hanh Son district has stadiums and other places have not yet been fully invested. And then, Mr. Quan The Am rescuing suffering and rescuing appeared to save people over the cycle of depression, since then the waves were quiet, the fishermen were doing business. [51] French colonial period, like many other cities of Vietnam, Hoi An was deeply influenced by French architecture

4 Folk cuisine 5 See also 6 References 6. [ 122] However, the 1986-1990 period witnessed general difficulties for the whole economy, including the economy of Da Nang. [14] Hoi An port is the largest area where Chau An boats pass through.

Becoming a centrally-run city The issue of making Danang a centrally-run city mentioned begins Since the 4th Congress of the Party Committee of Da Nang City took place on May 8, 1989, in which the Congress unanimously proposed that the Central and Provincial Party Committee of Quang Nam - Da Nang should have a reasonable mechanism for Da Nang city, allowing Da Nang city to be directly under the central authority, if the conditions are not available, let Danang become Da Nang Special Economic Zone. Hoi An Evening Experience People soak rice and clear water, then blend it into water flour. [71] French colonial French invaded Danang in 1858 Map of Danang City (Tourane) in 1908 (except Son Tra peninsula is not shown on the map)

Since its establishment Until now, the hospital has deployed many new techniques in diagnosis and treatment, including a number of techniques for the first time deployed such as head and neck surgery combined with plastic surgery micro-surgery, plastic surgery fine arts in breast cancer surgery, head and neck radiotherapy techniques, positioning biopsy techniques, left liver laparoscopic surgery techniques for liver cancer patients. [213] Da Nang Museum of Fine Arts is one of the three art museums of the country and is also the place to store and organize the exhibition and introduction to the public of works of artistic quality and traditional handicrafts products of artists, sculptors and artisans in Da Nang and the central provinces and cities of the Central Highlands. In very rare cases, the government roof covers the sub-houses.

The northern slopes are steeper, with steep, narrow and low cliffs. The number of startups in Da Nang by 2019 has reached nearly 150 enterprises. In ancient times, Chinese ships went to Da Nang and used to use Son Cha island as a navigation landmark

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