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Spa and Massage in Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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In the past, when I was still able to exchange between Hoi An and Da Nang by water, there was a river wharf, boats going back to business were very busy. Cam Ne flower mat was once present in the palace of the Nguyen Dynasty; Old Cam Ne craftsmen were also conferred and rewarded by the dynasties. Da Nang also has a popular dish known as Da Nang Beef Pies

[178] By the end of 2012, Da Nang has completed its National Health Insurance target, with 91 6% of the population participates in health insurance, 2 years ahead of the country (2014). Hoi An Covered Bridge And then, Mr. Quan Yin saved the suffering and saved people. rotation, since then the waves have been quiet, the fishermen have been doing business. About the pagoda, there are: Tam Thai, Tam Ton, Linh Ung ... The interesting thing here that other tourist destinations can hardly have is that after hours of climbing, up and down hundreds of steps to visit caves and pagodas. Now, visitors just need to step out a few hundred meters to reach the white sand beach, clear blue water, calm waves like a welcome to the salt water, relax, while admiring the mountain scenery, heaven Immense sea

Vegetables served with Nam O fish salad are very diverse and only grow on Hai Van pass like forest toads, orchid heart, healthy, broccoli leaves, leaves. 000 years ago, this land was an economic center, a bustling city or a place of trading and exchange ". [213] Da Nang Museum of Fine Arts is one of the three museums of fine arts in the country and also. is a place to store and organize the display and introduction to the public works of fine art quality and traditional handicraft products of artists, sculptors and artisans in Danang and Provinces and cities in the Central region - Central Highlands

propose to establish the National University of Da Nang on the basis of rearranging, investing in upgrading Da Nang University and local universities. table of Da Nang city and surrounding localities [187] Brief information of each Kim Son mountain Kim Son mountain (higher) beside 2 Hoa Son mountains (lower), located west of Ngu Hanh Son mountain cluster Da Nang, on the right of Da Nang - Hoi An road.1 Cultural and entertainment sites 19

The hospital has a scale of 1. Also according to 2011 statistics, Da Nang has 746 doctors, 342 physicians, 756 nurses and 275 midwives. The later French, late nineteenth century, then relying on the material of the rocky mountain to name it "Les montagnes de marbre" (Marble Mountains)

Boat and drop flowers in Hoi An at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang