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Take a boat to drop flowers in Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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The world's leading container lines have been present in Da Nang Port such as Wanhai, Maersk Lines, Evergreen, MSC, SITC, Yangming. Hoi An Night Scene Currently, the cake is produced and consumed all year round at home and abroad. The total development investment capital in the province in 2019 is estimated at over 39

After that, the egg grows bigger and bigger. Due to the gradual inclination of the street's terrain from North to South, the horizontal roads of Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, Hoang Van Thu and Tran Quy Cap are slightly sloping up if going backwards into the city. Tour guide team (HDV) has 4

At first, this place was just a thatched temple built by the Vietnamese in 1697 to worship Buddha. 000 Meanwhile the Vietnam War is on the rise. Real estate projects with hundreds of millions of dollars are invested to build on both sides of the Han River, especially in the central area with very large-scale projects that create a highlight for the city

In addition, the spiritual cultural values here will contribute to the magic and mystery that once arrived you will never forget. Right next to the temple to the north, the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture, formerly known as Quan Am temple of Minh Huong villagers, can be found. It is also known as a "Peace Park" with more than 1 pigeons

[40] Water quality in rivers is also problematic, especially downstream areas. It is polluted by a fairly large amount of coliform, BOD5, COD and other substances. In the future, with the formation of the Da Nang University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Da Nang city will continue to build and develop more hospitals such as Da Nang Hospital campus 2, international hospital, Auxiliary Hospital Obstetrics - Pediatrics Stage 2, Central Children's Hospital [179]. The origin of this name still exists today

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