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Tour Da Nang to Hoi An Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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And like other localities in the central coast, every time when the fish died, he drifted ashore, fishermen often held a great burial and sacrifice. The dumpling filling mainly consists of shrimp and spices that are mixed and pounded many times in a mortar. Ngu Hanh Son is a nationally known place

The Sa Huynh people are not only agricultural residents, but also go to the sea and have quite a developed sea trade. Up to now, the temple continues to build more new items. In early 2013, because the upstream hydroelectric projects did not discharge water to the plains and lowlands, Da Nang people faced a lack of domestic water and irrigation water for crops

Da Nang tours always visit Ngu Hanh Son because this place helps visitors to shake off the dust, escape from persecution and go into heaven. Life expectancy at birth is 77.4 years for women and 72.4 or 74.8 years for men. Thong Nhat Avenue is now Le Duan Street

With the advantage of modern technology and equipment, the number of audiences flocking to these two theaters is increasing. ngu-hanh-son-2020-3 In recent years, to meet the needs of tourists, the management board of Ngu Hanh Son relic has built an elevator system with a height of 43 m and a width enough for 2 cabin operating up and down, capacity of 1.35 tons, with a speed of 1.75 m / s. Danang Airport is considered one of the "busiest" airports during the war

On March 22, 1990, this scenic area was approved by the Ministry of Culture (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) grant recognition as a National-level Cultural and Historical Site. Hoi An Restaurant Accordingly, the Politburo has agreed on many orientations for Danang. develop in a new phase and need specific mechanisms and policies to build and develop Da Nang city to create a driving force for the development of the Central region - Central Highlands and the whole country. The shape of the mountain looks like an upside-down bell, located between Hoa Son and Tho Son, and next to the Truong River which extends with the Han River

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