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Tour Da Nang—Da Nang Hoi An Afternoon

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Through the ups and downs of time and history, with the support and encouragement of the Venerable Buddhas, the permission and conditions of the city leaders, the support of copper Buddhist plan, Linh Ung-Bai But pagoda, after 6 years of construction, has so far stood tall on Son Tra mountain as a testament to the combination between the Dharma and the Ethnic group, creating an imprint of development. of Vietnamese Buddhism in the twenty-first century, commemorating the National Father Hung Vuong, the Ancestor commemorating the Great Ceremony 1. A semicircular trapezoid covered with transparent glass allows visitors to both climb the mountain and have can see the surrounding landscape. [80] Undergoing numerous reconstructions, the shape of the bridge has been greatly changed, the look of today being formed during repairs in the 18th and 19th centuries

Cuisine Da Nang is influenced by the cuisine of the Central Coast of Vietnam, especially the land of Quang but still has its own characteristics. The central press representative agency in Da Nang has: Vietnam Television Center in the Central Region - Central Highlands, Head Office and General Control of National Television Channel in the Central region - Central Highlands VTV8. With a strong general orientation, a specialized specialty, the hospital has developed, constantly updated and applied many new medical techniques to meet the needs of the people to visit, examine and care for health such as: transplant stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury (the cause of polio) and is the second hospital in Vietnam after the Viet Duc Hospital - Hanoi successfully performed, kidney transplant, mastered ECMO technique, dialysis super dialysis, Hybrid operating room (modern technical operating room of developed countries, equivalent to technology with the two largest hospitals in the country, Cho Ray Hospital - Ho Chi Minh and Bach Mai Hospital - Hanoi. ), hypothermia techniques to reduce mortality, cochlear implantation (allowing dumb and deaf patients to hear and speak),

[31] Since the 1980s, An began to receive the attention of Vietnamese, Japanese and Western scholars. The Sound Cave in Da Nang Moc Son Located parallel to Thuy Son mountain is Moc Son mountain. Architecture of Hoi An Ancient Town - Introduction to Hoi An Ancient Town The most popular housing type in Hoi An are one or two-storey townhouses with narrow width and very long depth creating a tubular style.

[85] In June 1938, a unit of Vietnamese security guards was dispatched to the Hoang Sa garrison. Small families, the church associated with the home of the head of the family originated from China. The rate of students graduating from high school in the city in 2010-2011 school year is 96.7%

The temple has 3 gates and according to Buddhist culture, the main gate is reserved for the monks. left gate is female pass, left gate is male pass. [113] After the initial results of the program "City 5 no", Da Nang continues with the program "City 3 has": housing, a job and a cultural lifestyle, civilized market. City People's Committee term IX (term 2016-2021) is elected Chairman and 4 Vice Presidents by the City People's Council

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