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Thuy Son Mountain in Da Nang

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Every year, usually in early spring, the villages hold a festival to honor their village's saint and commemorate the merits of the sages. The beautiful, poetic scenery, temples and caves, trees, bells ringing ... have made Ngu Hanh Son become a fairytale place for visitors to calm down after hard working days. In the area of Hoi An city alone, more than 50 sites were discovered that are relics of this culture, mostly concentrated in the sand dunes along the old Thu Bon river

Also in the period 2000-2010, at regional and international tournaments, the city's campaign achieved a total of 182 medals, including 90 Gold, 47 Silver and 45 Bronze. Each mountain has its own beauty in terms of shape, location, stone materials, caves, pagodas. [50] In 1306, through the marriage of King Jayasimhavarman III (Che Man) to Princess Huyen Tran by ceding two Europeans, Ly to the Tran, the Vietnamese villages began to be formed < / p>

In ancient Western documents, Hoi An is called Faifo. About caves are: Hoa Nghiem, Huyen Khong, Linh Nham, Lang Huu, Van Thong, Thien Long, Ban Co, Tang Chan, Chiem Thanh and Vong Hai Dai, Vong Giang Dai. [70] In general, from 1843 to 1857, France sent warships six times to Da Nang

Particularly in Ba Na mountains at an altitude of nearly 1. Price of tour Da Nang Hoi An Viet Tien College of Technology and Business. Dragon eggs are growing bigger and bigger and soon after, an unusually beautiful Fairy hatches.

An old house combines Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architecture. [184] The disparity of the quality of education between the CBD and the suburbs makes the schools in the center overwhelming. [15] Stone-making craft at Ngu Hanh Son At the foot of Thuy Son mountain are fine-art stone sculptures developed from craft villages over 400 years old, the craft group is Huynh Ba Quat, ancestor of the ancient capital. Huynh Ba Chanh

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