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Guide to booking tour Da Nang Hoi An

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In 1797, Nguyen Anh's army invaded Da Nang. 3, Danang International Marathon, Summer rendezvous ,. The urban transport infrastructure is quite complete with a transport network connected to the city's ring roads, making Da Nang one of the few urban areas in Vietnam that rarely face traffic congestion.

In 2016, the city launched the "City 4 Safe" Program: Safety, traffic safety, food safety and social security. The folk name "Ong Chai mountain" can be derived from that. [228] Festivals The traditional festivals of Da Nang have been around for a long time and have been handed down from generation to generation

In 2018, Danang had more than 180. Around 1617, Nhat Street The village in Hoi An was formed [14] and flourished in the early 17th century. Total development investment capital in the area in 2019 is estimated at over 39

This place is not just a tourist destination. Spiritual tourism attracts a large number of tourists but is also the ideal peaceful place for those who want to calm down, away from the bustling city. Visitors who want to visit Linh Ung must step up about 108 levels, if coming to the temple Tam Thai is located in the south and has to go further than 156 steps. There is also a flower festival, traditional boat racing, martial arts performances, chanting and singing hut [233]. [84] In Hoi An, the intangible culture is still alive and compatible with the physical cultural form

If at the 3rd Gymnastics and Sports Congress in 1995, the delegation of Da Nang ranked 28/52 then at the 6th Congress in 2010, the city was at 4/66. Tour to Da Nang Hoi An Afternoon The first is the camp saying from Chau Ranh ( boundary of Vietnam - Chiem Thanh). [195] In 2008, the Publisher was suspended for three months [196] but it was not until after nearly six months that the Publisher was allowed to operate again

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