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Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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In addition, Da Nang city also pays attention to the Information Technology industry (Da Nang Software Park, FPT Da Nang Technology Urban Area, Da Nang National High-Tech Park), the technology industry. biology (Center for Biotechnology in Da Nang). Da Nang City Party Committee Da Nang City Political School On the side of the Party Committee, the Executive Committee of the Da Nang City Party Committee (or often referred to as the Da Nang City Party Committee) is the highest leading body of the city Party Committee between the two terms. Party Congress. According to the general planning project up to 2030, the project determines that by 2030 the population of Da Nang is 2.5 million people

In 1813, the court ordered Nguyen Van to establish Dien Hai fortress and fortress. An Hai is located on the left and right sides of the Han River to observe the sea and defend Da Nang. [37] To the west of Nguyen Thai Hoc street, there is a block of streets formed by houses with French-style facade, and the eastern part is a bustling shopping street with two-storey houses, large area. . It is a variation of the ancient Cham word "Da nak", translated as "great estuary"

The whole Ngu Hanh Son region is planned and is being built into Ngu Cultural Park. Hanh Son. Development goals of Danang, a national and modern city; with a vision to 2050, building and developing Da Nang into a special city at the national level, towards a cosmopolitan city and sustainable development. Big C Da Nang - Vinh Trung Plaza Finance - Bank Da Nang city is the third largest financial center in the country, in the city as of 2019 there are 115 first level bank branches, more than 350 rooms, transaction points, savings funds and 17 agents, branches of securities companies, financial leasing institutions, debt trading companies

3 Religion 14 Health 14. services in Hoi An Da Nang tour On March 29, 2015, the city inaugurated the overpass Hue intersection at the western gateway, helping to erase the "black spot" of traffic accidents between National Highway 1A and the North-South railway. The number of sports facilities serving the needs of people in the inner city districts are counted only on the fingers and mainly concentrated at the beaches

On the holidays, the On the occasion of kissing, they often cook some private dishes such as Phuoc Kien stir-fried vermicelli, Duong Chau rice, millet kimchi, and slab. One day, the old fisherman saw a very large dragon (some books written as goddess Naga) came here to lay eggs. attracting many people from Hoi An and other regions to attend

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