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Guide to book tour Than Tai Mountain

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Because it is located on a high mountain, the climate here is very cool and pleasant. ❓ At the mountain god genius hot spring park, mainly fun activities and relaxation take place under water. play for yourself, try to be hungry

Especially, because surrounded by green trees, romantic flower baskets and chirping birds, mud baths bring a feeling peaceful feeling, extremely romantic. Than Tai Mountain Tour Nestled among the green slopes of Quang Hanh, Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh is the leading Japanese-standard hot spring resort in Vietnam with high-class mineral bath service and unique and unique experience No export, still easy to bathe Japanese standard onsen right in Quang Ninh - Photo 2. No export , it's still easy to take a Japanese standard onsen bath right in Quang Ninh - Photo 4

Book a tour online: Choose "Book a Tour" from this page above and enter all required information. Spa Massage Services Combo Meal Services At Nui Than Tai Come to Nui Than Tai, you can prepare your own food or you can eat with the menu at the restaurant. Especially, coffee also works to slow down the aging, prevent wrinkles quickly thanks to the special ingredients in this drink

regularly take a bath in green tea. Can soften calluses on hands and feet, making beautiful white skin. Where is the god of wealth - travel experience Mount God of Fortune self-sufficiency 30km west of the city center, god fortune mountain is at the location of Ba Na Chua Nature Reserve, Phu Su village, commune Hoa phu, Hoa Vang district. Do you remember the time you were able to shoot marbles, kicking balls without paying attention to the dirty clothes

The price of the mineral bath ticket for individual customers is 70. you can refer to the tour information. used to go down here. Wish you have a complete fun trip at having interesting experiences when traveling to Da Nang

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