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Tour of Than Tai Mountain 1 day

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Enjoying Longevity Eggs The Long Life Egg is one of the specialties of Mount Than Tai that visitors should definitely try when having the opportunity to visit this place. Taking advantage of the gifts of nature, Nui Than Tai has been exploited into an extremely majestic eco-tourism area. Tour of God of Fortune Da Nang Bird Nest Touring Thrilling Challenge in God of Fortune 08h45 Tour: tram (free of tour) take the group to the pool area with water games for kids and adults

Have a full fun trip at Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park and have an interesting experience when traveling to Da Nang. virtual reality game game - entertainment is one of the most rapidly developing fields in the 4th era. The intense transformation in the ground causes the high pressure temperature, causing the hot mineral water to erupt through the rocks. creating precious hot springs of nature

and to deserve what you have sent, always create a new tourist space for you to explore this beautiful city. completely. Therefore, choose the god of wealth to experience a mud bath in Danang and evaluate the effectiveness that mud baths bring to yourself. 08h30: car stops at the gate of god of wealth

hot spring was found as a predestination for Danang city at a time when river, mountain and sea tourism products were developed. and become popular. Cheap Than Tai Mountain Tour Jubilant in the Water Park Hot mineral water and mud bath, the water park includes many thrills running along the mountain terrain modeled after the famous Wet 'n Wild park in America. children under 1m are completely free

dragon-headed turtle dragon statues, also known as dragonflies, are legendary animals that combine two characteristics of dragons and turtles. Lime Lemongrass Bath Lemongrass has a pleasant aroma, contains many vitamins (a, b1, b2 ...) and minerals (magnesium, cali, calcium ...). The pulp of the egg yolk blended with the white, crystallized with natural minerals, gives an indescribable appetite

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