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Tour Cu Lao Cham 1 day

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Homestay in Cu Lao Cham concentrates mainly in the Bai Lang area and the price ranges from 150,000 VND - 200,000 VND / person or 400,000 VND / room for 2 people. Stone crabs are quite rare, so although the distance from Hoi An to the island is not far, it is still not enough for customers on the mainland. Wish you have a complete fun trip at Cu Lao Cham and have an enjoyable experience when traveling to Hoi An - Da Nang

Rent a wooden boat to go fishing in Cu Lao Cham For those who want fully enjoying the feeling of being immersed in the lives of the people here as well as wanting to discover a new feeling when being a real fisherman should hire a wooden boat to go fishing for a day in Cu Lao Cham. Cu Lao Cham North Beach It only takes 15 minutes to float on a canoe from Cua Dai Beach, The beautiful green paradise of this land will gradually appear in your sight and conquer you comprehensively, from the romantic, peaceful scene to the rich culinary scene. Abalone The abalone, also known as a snail (due to its 9 holes) or an atrium (shaped like an ear) is one of the rarest specialties in Cu Lao Cham

Đà Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and photos about Cu Lao Cham Arbor. Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and images about the Cham Stone Crab. Mr. Ngu's mausoleum overlooks the sea, the front is a screen of a letter, decorated with the theme of Dragon Horse, God of the Moon.

Stone crabs are considered by Cu Lao islanders to be a medicine, but not Who knows what disease it can cure, but only can eat it deliciously and strangely, plus the cool sea breeze mixed with the clouds and waves, making the poetic in every piece of crab meat in the island. TB increases more and more and the spirit is refreshing. However, the Yen's death anniversary ceremony has been eroded a lot over time and changed in history, only pay attention to recover in recent years It can be said that, unlike carpentry Kim Bong, Thanh Ha pottery inheriting the tradition of the Vietnamese residents from the Northern Delta, Hoi An's bird-nesting profession was formed by independent creation, suitable with the habitat, natural conditions and exploitation potential. conquer the nature of the workers here. The leaves are picked and chopped. When going to the sea, there are often accidents, no big waves break the ship, the mast is also broken, and there is little peace. Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and images about Hai Tang Pagoda Cu Lao Cham. Currently, Bai Be has been implementing a project to build a large-scale resort to meet the requirements of visiting Cu Lao Cham tourism

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