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Snorkeling at Cu Lao Cham

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Citadel Temple Built in the late 19th century to worship the king, who brought peace and prosperity to the people here, the citadel temple sits on a mountain slope facing the sea at the end Beach Village. For a long time, the residents here have exploited the stream to become a water system: at the top of the stream to get water to worship, to cook, to lower down to get water for cultivation, cultivation, animal husbandry, finally the place for washing. take a shower. If you find this article is good, please share it for your family and friends to explore together.

According to the document, "The Three Kings" is the title given by the King to talented Generals. Hai or good at conquering waves. Every time they heard it, everyone would copy their wishes, if only they had a corner of them and tried to find the opportunity to cross the waves to Bai Chong, Da Chong and Cu Lao Cham full of legends. Cu Lao Cham has two major festivals: Cau Ngu Festival (April 3-4 of lunar calendar) and Yen's death anniversary (March 9-10 in lunar calendar)

To Bai Huong du Visitors will be able to visit the Yen To Craft Temple (Yen Nghe An to the Temple) built in the early nineteenth century to worship the nest of the Yen and Thanh Hoang parish. With reasonable prices and easy rental procedures, you will have the opportunity to admire the comprehensive beauty of this land. When the aroma rises, the wings of the nose burst together with the sizzling sounds of the snail, which means the snail is ripe

With an area of 34. Cu Lao Cham Wish you have a complete fun trip here. Stop at Bai Lay, visitors will be able to discover and feel the great things that this land has to offer

Abalone is one of the high quality seafood and come to Cu Lao Indigo, it is also an extremely rare type of snail. Also with a few non-fragrant garlic onions, stone crabs are stirred on the stove to allow spices to absorb evenly. Although it is just a simple and simple bridge, it creates so many beautiful and quality photos for visitors every time you have the opportunity to check in

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