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Tour Hoi An—Cu Lao Cham

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At Bai Lang, locals sell a full range of specialties on the coast of the island of Cu Lao Cham but the most notable of them are the crabs locked in sturdy iron cages, strangely colored, only as large as a fist. Abalone The abalone, also known as a snail (due to its 9 holes) or an atrium (shaped like an ear) is one of the rarest specialties in Cu Lao Cham. People on the island nearby heard a cry of resentment after the thunderstorm

We would like to thank you and see you in the next post. Cu Lao Cham Tour Price If you see this article, please share it with your family and friends. friends to explore. The interior of the pagoda is splendid and majestic, the sacred hallowed layer, the massive system of worshiping statues on the left and right incense tables, front and back like the continuity circuits in the colorful pedestal scene

Other services in Cu Lao Cham Rent a motorbike to visit the island In Cu Lao Cham, there is also a motorbike rental service to explore around the island very popular. The relic was built stably in the nineteenth century related to the belief of a god with the function of protecting the land, bringing peace and fullness to residents in the residential area. Bai Ong has tourism services such as dining, entertainment, sleeping and resting most fully and most developed

Cu Lao Cham: a place where the sky and the sea blend together poetically From Hoi Hoi, only around 20 Minutes on the canoe, Cu Lao Cham will welcome you with long, smooth white sand, sparkling golden sunlight and emerald blue seawater. The girl had white skin like a freshly peeled egg. It can be said that Bai Bac is like a shaggy pearl that has not been trimmed, but the closer you get, the more you will realize its irresistible beauty

Every newly caught abalone will have The body is round and thick, the flesh is full, the body is even, just wash the soil and sand to process immediately. This wharf completed, helping tourists to visit Huong Bai more crowded and convenient, so the lives of the people here are constantly improving thanks to income from sightseeing services. tourism of cross travelers. If you find this article, please share it for family and friends to explore.

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