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Tour Cu Lao Cham Hoi An

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The pagoda retains almost completely the architecture, artistic structure, although it has been over 2 centuries, it is day by day watching the change of the earth and earth Cu Lao. Cu Lao Cham Tour Booking Guide This vegetable can also be used to stir-fry with some Cooking oil, onion garlic has been non-aromatic for 2-3 minutes, then seasoned with a little seasoning and a little pepper. The pagoda is located in the feng-shui position in the west of Hon Lao in Cu Lao Cham, with its back leaning on the solid mountain, the facade between the west and the southwest looking directly at Ba Moc mountain

Her beauty The people in the village, from old to young, are communicating from each other not only to thousands of miles on the mainland, but also with each water wave that reaches the Sea Gods. If you find this article or please share it for family and friends to explore together. This is a beautiful beach with smooth white sand glistening in the bright golden sunlight, gently winding around the coast with clear blue water mixed with cool coconut trees, green sea water spinach beds. A corner of the shore, further away is the high mountains of lustrous green, white clouds and a deep blue sky

And the grilled dish will make the snail dish more rich. The annual ritual of worshiping at the communal house on 6/6 of the lunar calendar is solemnly organized by residents to commemorate the merits of the ancestors and wish the nation's national peace and ordination. If you find this article is good, please share it for family and friends to explore.

The roof fringes are decorated with themes of painted water, phoenix very vivid. Currently, when moving from Bai Lang to Bai Ong, Au Thuyen is a favorite destination for tourists to swim, snorkel and have lunch. Her nipple has a conical conch shell, shaped like the peach mounds of pubescent girls, the body is yellow and green, but whenever someone touches it, it turns pink.

Master Chu Manh Trinh - Cu Lao Cham MPA management board and other partners offer a solution to establish a crab bank with activities such as: establishment of an association of crab fishermen and love crabs and rocks, building a set of monitoring indicators for stone crabs ... Thanks to this activity, Cu Lao Cham crabs are strictly protected by the provisions of the law. Bai Lang Bai Lang is the central beach of Cu Lao Cham, the first place you will set foot when coming to this island. Like the markets in other places, here tourists can also price the goods at about 20% of the original price of the product here

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