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Cheap 1 Day Tour Cu Lao Cham

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The name Suoi Tinh was once a long time to make tourists from the mainland wished to come and is also an attractive tourist destination of Cu Lao Cham today, because not only are two hours of Suoi Tinh sexy but also Great scene, with romantic folk love stories. In the early morning when the sun has not yet risen, people begin to pick leaves and roots to dry in the golden sunlight for about two hours. According to the document, "The Three Generals Dress" is the title conferred by the King to the Generals who are capable of navigating or good at conquering waves

Snails then soak in water, put them in pots, in When boiling, open the lid of the pot. Irrigation system related to farming techniques, agricultural cultivation of the ancient inhabitants of this island area was also discovered. The Au Chu boat is a place for boats to avoid storms. Today, Au boats have become one of the must-see places when coming to Cu Lao Cham

Of the two, you can choose only one. Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and images about Tan Hiep Cu Lao Cham Market. At present, Bai Chong has 1 dormitory, 1 reception house, 2 restaurants, 3 bathrooms - toilets, many umbrellas, tents, hammocks ... to meet the needs of about 200 guests staying. every day

If you come here during the wild vegetable harvest season, you may come across baskets of lush green vegetables harvested everywhere in peace. Bird's nest nest in Cu Lao Cham is famous for its good quality, large nest and high nutritional value. It is natural nest, not nest like other regions. We would like to thank and see you in the next post.

When the aroma rises, the two wings of the nose and the sizzling sounds of the snail mean the snail is ripe. tour services on Cu Lao Cham Her nipples are processed into a variety of delicious dishes . At Cu Lao Cham island cluster, fishermen worship Ong fish in reverence because it is said that they always get help from Ong fish when in trouble at sea

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