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Ba Na Hills

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The French rulers who exploited Ba Na - the ancient Chua mountain also paid respect to the legend about her and set up a shrine to worship her. Ba Na Hills Tour In 2019 & 2020, Ba Na Hills will be put into operation for 2 lines New cable car, magic castle, M Gallery Hotel & Silver Bridge. Tru Vu Tra Quan Tru Vu Tra Quan has an area of 350m2, including 3 blocks built in the traditional architecture of North Vietnam, giving you a comfortable, quiet spiritual space

What to eat when coming to Ba Na? This is a question that many visitors especially pay attention to when coming here to visit. The average high humidity is always above 93%, so fog often occurs in the afternoon and after going rains. The whole land of the Golden Bridge seemed to be lit up by colorful fluttering flags, by jubilant dances, by vibrant and vibrant music, and by the overly noisy "great migration" of the "pumpkin legion"

On clear days, you will feel the majesty and majesty of the statue as soon as you arrive at the temple. La Lavande Buffet Restaurant - The Quintessence of World Cuisine Location: La Lavande is located behind Saint Denis Church, in the French Village area in the Ba Na Hills tourist area. Highlights are the low square table set on a simple mat, surrounded by carpets for sitting

Fun and Entertainment Spots in Ba Na HillsD Fantasy Park Amusement Park Play Fantasy Park is based on the novel "Twenty-five Under the Sea" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by French writer Jules Verne with a variety of games from fun for children to Thrilling challenge games for young people and adults. Ba Na is like that, can always turn a Western festival into a unique art world, always tell fairy tales with the most authentic materials, and also paint the most authentic world with magic pen strokes. All three of these temples are located in three special positions that create three-legged supports for Danang in feng-shui and spirituality

Ba Na Hills is known as one of the famous places. the best in Vietnam that any visitor can not ignore. TREO DE BAY - MORIN CABLE The Debay - Morin Interchange Cable Line is the shortest of the cable car systems in Ba Na Hills, with a length of only 690m, including 17 cabins. Opened in April 2014, L'Jardin d 'Amour Flower Garden has a total area of 8206m2 including 10 gardens designed based on unique European flower garden styles, including: Promising Square Garden of Love, Garden of Eden, Garden of Eden, Garden of Dreams, Garden of Memory, Garden of Myths, Garden of Thought, Vineyard, Garden of Mysteries

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