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Tour Ba Na Hills 1 day cheap

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Separated from the bustling space of the old French village or other places, entering Linh Ung Pagoda, you will clearly feel a peaceful, quiet space full of tolerance. The wax display area was started construction in August 2012 and officially opened on July 11, 2013, after nearly a year of construction. However, this method is relatively cost-effective, so if you go with groups of people or households it might be a good and economical option

In 1928, the road to the top of the mountain was completed, The number of new visitors gradually increased, until 1937 reached more than 1. In particular, Le Jardin d'amour flower garden was divided into 9 mysterious gardens with 9 unique architectural styles including: Suoi Mo garden, Eden garden, Mystery garden, Uyen Uong garden, Reflection garden, Legendary garden, Ky Uc garden, Thieng garden, Vineyard. The top part of the roof is shaped like a half moon, and the four corners of the roof are a dragon head

From May to September, Ba Na goes big with the B'estival Beer Festival, an Oktoberfest version. . In many people's phones, my name is still "Truong Ba Na". I still remember the opening of the cable car, March 25, 2009, on the newly opened road to the resort, the workers were sleeping on both sides of the road

Ba Na Hills Tourist Center has 1489m above sea level, there are many outstanding modern works among four majestic mountains. Entering the cellar space, you will immediately feel the characteristic taste of wine, very passionate and seductive. To create a safe corridor for the outpost, all the remaining buildings from the French period were destroyed under their long-range guns

4m): Children under 1m: Free more than 70 attractive dishes with many typical dishes of Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Europe for diners to choose from. Ba Na Hills 1 Day Tour Le Jardin d'amour is also known as the flower garden of love , stretching from the east to the west slope of Sun World Ba Na Hills. The tranquility of the landscape and the delicate architecture makes the temple more sacred

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