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Tour Da Nang to Ba Na Hills

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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This is a very sacred temple on Nui Chua mountain covered with misty mist of Ba Na, you are like you are lost in a paradise. The transformation of the Asian Park model has also brought a new look to the park and many new experiences, attracting not only visitors to Danang but also city residents. During this period, no one remembers Ba Na anymore

There are two distinct seasons at the top of the mountain: rainy season from September to February and dry season from March to August. Why are you bringing money from Ukraine to invest in such a difficult place? Years ago, my business brothers and I went on a trip to Cyprus together. All of these create an extremely unique Ba Na Hills, making any visitor unable to step away

A winding steep road leading up to the wide yard to the left. Temple. Travel offers experiences: it gives people the opportunity to see different sights, eat different foods, enjoy different services, as a new world opens up. Each garden has a theme, decorated with various flowers, creating a colorful natural space, attracting visitors

A happy experience. Some Notes when going to Ba Na Hills, Da Nang Food and drink on the mountain are very expensive and there are few options, so if you want to save money, you should bring drinking water and food. The cable line is awarded 4 world records by Guinness World Records, including: The longest cable car is 5

Nghinh Phong Tu Tower built with ancient architecture, majestic up to 9 floors , in which each floor is placed 4 bronze bells at the 4 corners with the purpose of symbolizing the sacred resonance. Cheap Ba Na Hills Tour But we were convinced by the determination of our leadership and special especially the people of Da Nang city at that time. Commenting that this is an ideal land to build a resort as you wish, on November 30, 1911, Governor-general Paul Doumer issued a decree to turn Ba Na into a forest reserve to facilitate research. can help save Ba Na more carefully

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