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Da Nang Booking—Ba Na Hills

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Hotels at Sun World Ba Na Hill only allow check-in at 2 pm and check-out at 11 am so if you go up earlier, you must wait. According to Mr. An, at this time the epidemic in Da Nang is basically under control, no new cases arise and has been approved by the city government. The conditions associated with the opening are from now until April 29, Vietnam does not incur any secondary infections in the community

Opening hours: 11:00 - 15:00 Buffet price: Adults: 255. Hoi An Tour to Ba Na Hills Next, you can call Linh Chua Temple with Lady Chua Thuong Ngan Temple to pray for peace and luck for family and relatives. A white statue in the middle of the towering Ba Na peak, floating clouds, majestic mountains and forests create a scene like a fairy tale

Special dishes: buffet restaurant with more than 70 unique dishes, typical of Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Europe such as Hanoi fried spring rolls, bacon, grilled American beef, BBQ bar, special dishes of the day. Additional services: Souvenir counter, Airport shuttle service, 24/24 booking serviceHigh speed wireless Internet access, Diverse and attractive Cuisine, Dining at Ba Na Hills To Ba Na Hills You can prepare your own carry-on food or you can eat with the menu at the restaurant. You should actively remember this activity time to arrange a reasonable travel time

On clear days, you will feel the majesty and majesty of the statue. set foot in the temple. Morin Hotel Ba Na - The hotel with the best view Address: Located in the French village on top of Ba Na. Debay Old Wine Cellar One of the places attracting the most tourists to visit in Ba Na Hill is Debay old wine cellar, a wine cellar built by the French with a age of nearly 100 years

000 VND / adult and 450. This cable car system is built according to Austrian technology, ensuring the standards of the European Cable Car Association. Coming to Ba Na, visitors are immersed in a joyful and vibrant music space, enjoying multinational culture through culinary or attractive dances

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